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Whole Lotta Disco This Weekend
By Apr 18, 2014 Nightlife
Like the headline says: there's a whole lotta disco to be had this weekend in Beijing. And techno and house and all that too but I'm talking about the disco. First of all, local nu-disco authority Philipp Grefer — aka Metro Tokyo — is doing his first ever Lantern gig tonight. Headliner is "Leipzig deephouse-disco wunderkind" Good Guy Mikesh, who'll play a one-hour live set. He's joined by BJ techno vet Yang Bing and Boflex / Tobias Patrick of Dim Sum Disco.

Speaking of Dim Sum Disco — those dudes are really getting around this weekend. It's a disco craze. Disco fires raging in the hearts of Beijing dwellers far and wide (Gulou and Sanlitun basically)...

On top of his Lantern set, Tobias Patrick is also jumping on tonight's edition of Bye Bye Disco/Computer Love at Dada, which also includes a set from legendary DJ Zhang Youdai. This guy is a "legendary disk jockey" because he was the first person to play modern jazz and alternative rock music on Chinese public radio. Think he's keepin' it pretty disco tonight though.

Boflex is also throwing down some surplus vibes on Saturday at The Other Place for the latest ShadowPlay party. Outdoor afternoon summer-esque warmup kind of deal. Also vinyl DJ from Shanghai's Ben Huang and some kind of art thing. That kicks off at 2pm.

See? Like I said. So much disco. Hope you have strong shoes.

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