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Video: School Bar Mini-Documentary
By Mar 28, 2014 Nightlife
This is cool: Hong Kong filmmaker Yanlo Chow did a 9-minute mini-documentary on Beijing's beloved School Bar. Since re-branding itself as a proper livehouse at the end of 2012 — it was frankly quite strange before that, when it was a dance club run by punk dudes, and mostly known for random bouts of anti-laowai violence — School has stepped up to become the best live rock venue in Beijing. There, I said it. School wins.

Fire up your VPN and click here to watch the doc. It's mostly in Chinese with no subs, but there are a few English talking heads, and aesthetically it nails this cool, retro '70s cinema vibe. So it's nice to watch, regardless. If you don't speak the Chinese, I'll summarize: School is the new D-22, it's a nice place to get drunk and enjoy punk-inspired music, maybe get laid, etc.

And if you're so inclined, School happens to have a super solid lineup for the weekend:

Tonight is a '70s punk tribute featuring Changsha's Motorskirt (cool name) and Thousand Tons alongside local boys Bedstars and the long dormant Syringe. Then on Saturday, Helen Feng holds court with a Nova Heart spectacular. Get out there and learn something.

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