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Upcoming: Temple Bar Anniversary
By Jul 16, 2014 Nightlife
Hey kid, don't blow it all this weekend. Save a bit for the weekend after this one. Lovable live house / Dada's hat Temple Bar is celebrating three years in the books. From next Thursday onwards, they've got four nights of local band mayhem lined up, along with drinks deals, give-aways, lucky draws, and stuff.

Here's the lineup.

July 24: Hard Rock Night -- Seven Light Years, Los Crasher, and Devils at the Crossroad

July 25: Punk Night -- The Diders, Hell City, Rolling Bowling

July 26: Psycho Rock Night -- Big Waves, Luv Plastik, WHAI

July 27: Back the the Roots Night -- Groove Collective, Tavey Lean & the Solid Gold Dream Machine, Randy Abel Stable(TBC)

Save the dates...
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