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[Streaming]: Howie Lee - Swallow
By Dec 18, 2014 Nightlife
Here's a late-2014 entry from one of the year's biggest up-and-comers: Swallow by Howie Lee. In this three-track EP, Mr. Lee eschews some of the more bash-you-over-the-head post-trap bangingness of his earlier work (like this year's Borderless Shadows) for more subtle, thoughtful, nuanced dancefloor traverses. Peppering his own vibe with that juke and footwork stuff the kids down in Shanghai like so much.

Indeed, Swallow is the latest dispatch from the southern SVBKVLT label, their second one this year I think. The EP comes packaged in some super creepy vaguely futuristic 3D render art by Cheeri Wang, that's how SVBKVLT rolls. Scope that and listen to Swallow right here. And if you're into that, take an extra beat to check SVBKVLT's earlier entry from this year, S L V - Moss.
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