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Streaming: Dear Eloise - Vanishing Winter
By Mar 29, 2013 Nightlife
Is winter vanishing? I thought it was but then the public heating went off in my apartment and it was right back there in my face. In any case, "Vanishing Winter" is the A-side of Dear Eloise's newest 7" for Genjing Records. It opens with their trademark Velvety benign buzzsaw guitar, perfected over years of bedroom/studio experimentation by P.K.14 singer Yang Haisong. He's one half of the band, playing guitar, bass, and drums. The other half is his wife Sun Xia, whose vocals are as ethereal and world-weary as ever on this newest outing. "The Place in White Light," the B-side, has a noisier vibe, with a simple massive-room-reverb bass drum and hi-hat riff backstopping out of control feedback wails before the moody, martial chorus kicks in.

You can stream both songs off the new 7" HERE. If you own a record player, be sure to check out the release party next Saturday at XP. 60rmb gets you the vinyl slab plus a chance to see Haisong's other side project, After Argument, and DJ sets from a bunch of people, including Genjing boss Nevin Domer spinning choice '80s hardcore cuts. Check this space later in the month for a Culture Bureau interview with Mr. Domer.
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