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QT, Traxman, RP Boo & More Headed to Dada
By Oct 9, 2015 Nightlife
Gulou dance den Dada has started to trickle out their booking schedule for the rest of the year, and it's looking pretty damn solid. They have a bunch of Aces stashed up their sleeve for fans of off-beat sleaze, certainly the place to be if you're looking for the weirdest, wildest, most "future" sounds to get your body locomoting as winter sets in. Here's a teaser, in reverse order of sugar content:

Maybe the most intriguing booking is QT, the cypher-like avatar of American artist and alleged soft drink chemist Hayden Dunham. QT is the best-known act on PC Music, a British netlabel peddling hyper-overproduced uptempo pop masquerading as avant-kitsch experimental laptop music. Critical reactions to PC Music's vibe — best encapsulated by the breakout success of QT's single "Hey QT", which you may have missed if you didn't use the internet at all in the second half of 2014 — have been mixed. Whether it's "the future of pop or 'contemptuous parody'" (N.B. it's both), PC Music touches some kind of nerve among the emerging generation of kids raised on internet cultural ambiguity, and you can expect all the post-'90s/'00s weirdos to be out in force for this one.

QT is at Dada on Saturday, November 21. Lineup and ticket info TBA.

RP Boo

Onto something a bit more substantive: we're getting a double shot of Chicago reality between November and December. First up, on Thursday, November 19, Dada will host ghetto house pioneer Traxman for his Beijing premiere. Traxman, née Cornelius Ferguson, has been at the epicenter of Chicago's monumental narrative dancefloor shifts over the past few decades. He's presided over the rise of juke and footwork while pumping out his own fusions of these genres with afro-beat and electronic jazz. Sample:

Then on Saturday, December 5, Dada brings in the originator of Chicago footwork, RP Boo. Credited in some hype-oriented media as "the greatest Chicago producer you've never heard of", Boo's oeuvre is ground zero for the radical evolution in sound and movement that has characterized Chicago as one of few hearths of true originality in contemporary club music. He barely played outside of his hometown until the 2013 release of his Legacy LP, which, as the name implies, cemented his role within the city's storied dancefloor-cultural history.

Many were gutted at the 2014 loss of another Chicago luminary, DJ Rashad, who was planning a brief China tour before he passed last April. We're lucky to get not one, but two legendary names traveling the same cultural pathways as Rashad, proselytizing Chicago's unsurpassable club culture in Beijing.


A few other big left-field acts coming up at Dada to look forward to as well:

- London grime revivalist Visionist on Friday, Nov 6;
- Jahcoozi's Robot Koch on Saturday, Nov 14;
- balearic dancefloor provocateur Rodion on Friday, Nov 20;
- UK dubstep pusher Plastician with the Do Hits! crew on Thursday, Nov 26;
- and Aphex Twin co-signed electronica legend DMX Krew on Friday, December 3.

Sick! More info on all those will fill in as we get deeper into autumn. For now stream a Rodion remix just released by newly launched Shanghai label Co:Motion to get your heart pumping in anticipation:

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