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P.K.14 Announces New Album Release Date, Insanely Long Tour
By Jul 16, 2013 Nightlife
Beijing indie rock godfathers P.K.14 have officially announced a release date for their forthcoming LP, 1984. The new album, their sixth, was tracked at the studio of legendary producer and music industry curmudgeon Steve Albini last October. According to the 1984 bandcamp page, it will officially be released on August 29.

Not coincidentally, P.K.14 will embark on a 29-date China tour on August 28. Seems somewhat of a trailblazing mission. If you're a severe P.K.14 groupie, or you want to plan your own massive domestic tour of China, Shanghai music writer Andy Best has a map of the tour route here.

And you can sample four cuts off the new album at P.K.14's douban.
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