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JUE Megamix By Love Bang
By Mar 12, 2013 Nightlife
Hey you! The Love Bang people [Shanghai party posse] have put together a JUE mixtape, featuring a bunch of artists performing at this year's JUE Festival. It's 45 minutes of tracks from Gang of Four, How To Dress Well, AV Okubo, Grimes, Frank Turner, Acid Pony Club, Downstate and others, selected and mixed by DJ Caution and Heatwolves.

Want to know how they mix Gang of Four into Downstate? So do we. Listen to it here. You can download it from there, too, and then put it on your Walkman and listen to it when you're doing some coloring in.

"Because of the genre incongruities, we stiched this together with field recordings and samples from old Chinese TV shows," says Heatwolves. Field recordings include Chinese people shouting, soft-drink ordering background chatter and some creaky-voiced old man berating children. Nice.

The mix will be available to buy on a USB at every major JUE event, with all proceeds going to Morning Tears, a charity that helps the children of imprisoned Chinese parents. On the USB there's also a bunch of other JUE exclusives. Price is... dunno. Probably about the contents of your change pocket.

Love Bang is at Dada Beijing this Friday night and come on back for Thursday or Friday-ish or something like that for a "Mixtape" article from them. Probably some Lil B on it or some shit. BASEDGOD.


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