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Incoming (to Shanghai): Dam Funk, Flying Lotus
By Oct 12, 2015 Nightlife
If you're a follower of edgy hip hop/jazz/electronic/funk fusion beats emanating from the greater Los Angeles area, you're going to be logging some serious mileage on the Beijing ↔ Shanghai bullet train in November. Last week it was confirmed that future-funk hero Dâm-Funk will be playing at The Shelter on Sunday, November 15. Heat Wolves on the Shanghai side of the business writes:

"For a little primer on the man, check out 'Hood Pass Intact' from Toeachizown, 'We Continue' from his wild new LP Invite The Light, and his Boiler Room set. Expect the guardian of the funk to drop a set with a lot of mic work and some rare synths, with support from Santo Chino. They're capping this at 400 tickets and it will probably sell out." ("Pffftthhhttbb.")

Then, today, this little bombshell dropped on my WeChat feed:

Yep. Flying Lotus on Thursday, November 26. Probably at Arkham, the massive basement club operated by the promoters behind this one. UPDATE: Flying Lotus will play at the 1,500-capacity QSW Culture Centre. Guess they're expecting to sell a ticket or two to this thing.

Looks like we won't get either of these in Beijing. Dam Funk's slotting Shanghai in on a Sunday between shows in Seoul and Tokyo. The promoter who was looking into the possibility of doing FlyLo here crunched the financials and decided it wouldn't fly. Probably a wise move, as Flying Lotus canceled his last scheduled Shanghai appearance because he was "busy working on his new album." ("Pffftthhhttbb.")

So book those gaotie tickets and watch SmartShanghai for updates on both shows.


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