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Huge Bummer: BORIS Beijing Show Cancelled
By Mar 11, 2015 Nightlife
Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory in true Beijing form, this weekend's Boris show is canceled.

Yeah, canceled. It's off.

Yeah, that's a bummer.

The Japanese power rock act will still be performing their Shanghai show, but it seems the proper permits for their Beijing and Wuhan shows weren't able to be attained, and the band will be unable to perform in those cities. We're still waiting on the official press release from the promoters, Split Works, who will also be issuing refunds for advance ticket holders. We'll update this post when we get the official line.

But yeah. Not much to say.


As one of the central acts to Split Works' Jue Festival, this is obviously a pretty big blow to the Beijing side of the events. Here's to hoping this is the only cancellation...

Jue Festival kicks off this Thursday with the opening party at Aotu and the Gulou Double Decker thing. You should go to those. Show some love, etc.

UPDATE: Here's the refund info from Split:

"In keeping with the uncertain climate at the moment, it is with heavy hearts that we have to announce the cancellation of the BEIJING and WUHAN shows for Boris.

Please note, the SHANGHAI show will still go ahead as scheduled.

Full refunds will be available for everyone that has already purchased a ticket through Yoopay (Beijing) and Taobao (Wuhan).

Beijing: Yoopay will automatically refund the money to your credit card or Alipay (by 24th March). Hotline service: 4000800620"
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  • 4 years ago Chachy

    Getting pretty sick of this shit.

  • 4 years ago morgan

    Hey Chachy, the Shanghai show is still happening. Just not Beijing and Wuhan...

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