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Gulou Casualties: Alba Cafe, Furnace
By Sep 17, 2015 Nightlife
Feels like it's been a pretty rough summer in Beijing, right? Lots of places closing down. Here's two more to add to the growing list of Summer 2015 casualties: Alba Cafe and Furnace, both of these erstwhile on Gulou Dong Dajie.

Alba Cafe -- that one in particular is a pretty serious thing. For nigh a million years now, Alba's been a Gulou-favorite hangout for coffee and drinks. If Zarah is "the" cafe in this area, then Alba was always "the other one". Alas, no more. We walked by yesterday and they've already gutted the place. Peering through through the window, it looks like their building something more sleek, minimal, and modern in it's place, although we know not what.

Meanwhile, down the road, new-ish cocktail bar Furnace already looks like it's done-ski. It's somehow transformed into a Chicken Suutak's in the last week or so. They've got the sign still up but it' turned into a chicken restaurant. Dunno. Will have to go back to check it out. Chicken Suutak's in Gulou though. This is excellent news. They do some fine Korean chicken. Pictures of both of these after the jump...

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