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Even More Music: SmSh's Ten Up-And-Coming Chinese Bands
By Feb 16, 2015 Nightlife
On top of our own little CNY gift of a bunch of unreleased music from bands on our radar, here's another worthy read featuring "Ten Up-And-Coming Chinese Bands" as so sanctified by our sister website

That one's from the indefatigable Sacco -- just a dude with a lot of free time on his hands, apparently. Great to see he's keeping busy. If Shanghai is (for some ungodly reason) on your tour itinerary this holiday, make sure you stop by his record store and he can turn you on to some more stuff if you want. He's got absolutely loads in the genre "Old Punk 7-inches That No One Wants and Aren't Worth Shit".

The Smart Empire: giving you the hongbao of other people's music, ganked off the internet.

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