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ROFL, AWESOME: KORN to Play Shanghai
By Jul 18, 2013 Nightlife
This one's not supposed to be released until next week but we can't contain ourselves any longer -- we're FREAKS ON A LEASH like that -- and plus it's all over the weibos.

Title says what needs to be said: Dubstep inventors (yes) KORN are slated for a Shanghai show in August as part of that Sonic Shanghai series of live shows. We'll have the exact details for you as soon as they're officially released next week. But yeah, KoRn is coming and my parents circa 1998 are PISSED.

Beijing show? Hey, it's all pretty murky at this point but I'm thinking... nah. But KORN, brohammers, if you're reading this, I can personally get you a show in my living room, seriously, if you're willing to scale back the production just a little bit.

PM me, weibo me, twitter me. LET"S DO THIS!!!11!! We can have sausages at Badr's after!

Man, Beijing longhairs, maybe should all just move down to Shanghai for a month. Take that city over, set up a chu'ar stand on every street corner, and really show them the true meaning of rocking and rapping out simultaneously.

Ahh... memories.
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  • cujubeijing

    we can have sausages before,during and after.... each song

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