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All About the Tugriks: 'Mongolian Bling' This Sunday at The Hutong
By Jul 18, 2013 Nightlife
Here's something pretty cool for Sunday evening: The Hutong is hosting in documentary director Benj Binks for a screening of his film on the Mongolian hip hop scene, Mongolian Bling. The screening will be followed by a discussion with the director about his experiences in the making thereof and so on and so forth. Runs 5pm to 8pm, 100 beans to get in (80rmb if you're a member). They'll also be serving "Mongolian-inspired cocktails and tapas".

If you've never had a Mongolian cocktail before they're really quite piquant. Basically, you do a belt of 5-million-percent proof gasoline vodka and then some guy punches you in the face as hard as he can. Voila. Mongolian cocktail.

Mongolia tapas... hmm.. that's like a full cow cooked in a keg of beer on a cracker or something.
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