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Streaming: Shao - 'Reflection Pt. 2'
By Sep 8, 2015 Music
While more and more Chinese musicians and visual artists have hit the tour trail in the US, Europe, and Australia in recent years, few have gained traction among the more entrenched tastemakers and gatekeepers with household brand-name recognition abroad. That seems to be changing, slowly but surely.

Enter Doppler Shift pt.1, the forthcoming EP for Beijing producer Shao soon to be released under the aegis of world-famous Berlin club/label Tresor. Shao (formerly Dead J — he recently shed his old moniker because it's bad luck or something) has spent quite a bit of time in Germany, having in 2009 produced the Chinese-subtitled documentary Date featuring talking-head interviews with such Berlin techno luminaries as Monolake, Jan Jelinek, and Manuel Götsching. More recently Shao has caught some international media buzz, including this diaristic feature by NYC mag Fader.

But a Tresor release is huge, a major step to bridging Beijing's exploding underground electronic music/producer scene with the rest of the world. The German branch of VICE electronic music sub-blog Thump has just debuted the B-side from Doppler Shift pt.1: "Reflection Pt. 2", a brooding, slow-building, club-smoke drenched, oddly syncopated minimal techno banger that is thoroughly Shao.

Read more about it here if you're des Deutschen mächtig, or stream directly after the jump:

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