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Flicking Forehead Opening Today
By May 16, 2014 Arts
These tiny hutong conceptual art galleries, they keep springing up post-HomeShop like so many mushrooms after a spring rain. Just heard about this one called Flicking Forehead last night that's nestled up in one of the more esoteric reaches of Dajingchang Hutong, east of Beiluoguxiang. It opened last month and this is what it's about: "By trying to set up a parallel micro-reactor between cyberspace and physical space, 'Flicking Forehead' aims to explore how different relations, processes and structures interact and chemically react within it. As blood, flesh, and bones."

Neat! Not sure what that means. But they're having an exhibition opening tonight so maybe you can go find out. Close is a duo exhibit featuring current Red Gate resident Suzanne Somer and Dutch photographer Welmer Keesmaat "responding to each other’s work, while staying close to themselves and at the same time close to each other."

The opening is free and open to the public. Starts at 7:30pm. More info here.
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