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Announced: Slow Boat's 2nd Annual Autumn Craft Beer Festival
By Jul 16, 2015 Community
Don't call it a comeback, your friends at Slow Boat are gearing up for their second annual Beijing Autumn Craft Beer Festival, taking place again at East Hotel on September 25 and September 26.

So. Beer. Food. Walking around tents. Maybe some music. Meeting some people. Drinking lots of beer. Hanging out. Good times.

This one's raising the bar a bit from last year, upping the participating breweries from 11 to 15. They're also shifting the dates a bit from last year to catch some better weather. If you remember, they got a bit unlucky with the pollution there last year, which was pretty bad even for Beijing. Looks like blue skies are here to stay though, eh!

So yeah, they're anticipating between 5-6,000 beer types for this event, spread over the two days. In addition to the usual local breweries involved (Jing A, GLB, Arrow, etc.), the ones you might not be familiar with include Amoy Brau (Xiamen), Bionic Brew (Shenzhen), Calvin Beer Company (Hefei), and Bad Monkey out of Dali, amongst others. Food's coming from Home Plate, Palms, and Bitapita.

And, of course, you can't have a pop-up beer/food event without Andy gettin' in there and swinging his sausages around, ba-doom-tssst.

Prices: No monies -- visitors will pay at each tent. Prices for food and beer will range from 30rmb to 45rmb.

Pencil that in: Slow Boat Beer Fest. September 25 and 26 at East. Or EAST. (Do we need the caps? We do. Okay.)

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