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For over 15 years, has been the city's leading English-language online city guide magazine, providing daily updated content and editorial on lifestyle news and events. We host Shanghai’s largest venues directory; Shanghai’s most comprehensive daily events listings; Shanghai’s leading English-language housing platform; Shanghai’s most trusted ticket handling service; a popular online dating community; an online Buy & Sell digital marketplace; and more.


Our singular and (variously) irreverent editorial style and focus, along with our genuine love and passion for living in and writing about Shanghai has enabled us to standout as this city’s first online port of call for residents and visitors looking for insider news and gossip on city life in Shanghai, and just the essential straight-up logistical information about getting around and getting by out there in the big city.

At the risk of tooting out own horn — more so that already, anyways — we're completely self-made. We believe in the strict division of the commercial and editorial aspects of our company. is an independent media publication dedicated to honesty and editorial transparency; these are the principles the company was founded upon 15 years ago and we still adhere to today.

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  • SmartShanghai

    Our flagship lifestyle publication, we provide the latest info on what's happening in the city, service and entertainment directories, as well as useful classifieds for housing and jobs. It's run by a dedicated team of editors, photographers and designers who live, work, eat, play, drink, and know Shanghai, people who value this city and want to see its culture grow.

  • SmartTicket

    SmartTicket is Shanghai's first and most trusted English-language online ticketing platform. We work directly with just about every Shanghai and China-based promoter to bring you tickets to the hottest shows in town, everything from classical to electronic concerts, sporting events, dance and theater productions and much, much more.

  • CreativeHunt

    CreativeHunt is an online portal dedicated to creative happenings, opportunities and news in China. Founded by the team behind SmartShanghai, CreativeHunt is a service directory and portfolio gallery with regular editorial features focusing on the city's myriad creative industries, ranging from architecture to web design, branding, photography and more.

  • 8Picks

    8Picks is our Chinese iOS and Android app, pushing out a weekly release outlining 8 editorial recommendations for wonderful things happening around you in Shanghai. Concerts, events, shows, performances, new restaurants, retail sales, great deals -- all that kind of stuff, curated and itemized into a nifty little package by SmartShanghai editors.


The editorial content of is created by our independent team of editors who work, eat, play, drink, and live in Shanghai. We are people who value this city and want to see its cultural life and landscape evolve and grow. In our 15-year run, we’ve never accept payment for content. Period. As a policy, we don’t publish advertorials, native ads, or payola content. All our banner ads are clearly labeled and our opinions are independently (and variously proudly!) our own.


  • Submit Events

    We run Shanghai's only editorial events listings site, accessed by ten-thousands of Shanghai residents every month through our website or App to see what's on. Get your show, party, promotion, deal, charity event or baby shower listed on the city's best Event Listings. Event listings are free of charge.

  • Get Listed

    SmartShanghai has the city's go-to venue directory, with over 15,000 listings including restaurants, bars, cafes, clubs, shops, hotels and other service-oriented businesses. Getting your business listed is as easy as submitting the information by following the link below. Basic listings are free of charge.

  • Advertise With Us

    SmartShanghai is Shanghai's most-read English-language online magazine. We get over 10,000 daily readers. We’re seen by an average of 70.000 people every week, and we regularly rank highly on the search engine results expats use. Follow the link to learn more about advertising with us.

  • Contact Us

    All listings on our sites can be submitted and edited online. For questions regarding an existing listing please first visit our FAQ. If you can't find the right answer, or if you have a question about your account, click below to get in touch with our Editorial and Listings team and we'll help you out.