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Tehching Hsieh: Time Clock Piece

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UCCA presents a "concise exhibition" of New York-based Taiwanese performance artist Tehching Hsieh's "Time Clock Piece." This was the second part of Hsieh's infamous "one year performance" series. In his first, "Cage Piece," he locked himself in a cage with no radio, TV, or reading materials for an entire year. "Time Clock" was a bit less restrictive but no less intensive: from 1980-1981, Hsieh punched a time-clock every hour, on the hour. Each hour he took a photo of himself, which in the end was spliced into a six-minute film. This film, plus physical punch cards and individual photographs, were put together for a "Time Clock Piece" exhibit at New York's Guggenheim museum in 2009, and were featured at the Liverpool Biennial in 2010. The UCCA show will present the full "Time Clock" installation along with "documentary materials on Hsieh’s other work."

Ullens Center for Contemporary Art (UCCA)

4 Jiuxianqiao Lu,
798 Dashanzi Art District,
Chaoyang District

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