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Mixtape: Heatwolves! / Love Bang
Just add water. DJ Heatwolves! serves up the "Top Five Tracks for the Last Good Summers Before the Global Warming Meltdown".
By Mar 14, 2013 Nightlife

Mixtape is asking DJs and producers coming to town, in their opinions, what are the five best songs ever and forever and ever. Or just five songs that are somewhat interesting for some reason.


The Mix-maker: Shanghai-via-Kalamazoo DJ / producer Heatwolves! is one half of Love Bang, a dance jams and candy party in Shanghai. They're returning to Beijing, playing at Dada bar this Friday night at part of Jue Festival and...

...and, actually, Heatwolves! is pretty good at explaining this whole thing to you, even switching to the third person for a bit, so we'll just turn it over.



Heatwolves! Says: Hey Beijing, we're Love Bang. We met last year at Haze with our friends Bicep. That was grand but we wanna play some hip hop and other non-house music for you so we're throwing a dance party at Dada for this year's JUE festival. Shout out to Michael for finally having us up there, and shout out to Archie and the SplitWorks fam for pulling us under the JUE umbrella again.

Love Bang is our monthly night in Shanghai that we started in April 2010 because most clubs and nights were focused on either house music or Top 40. Shanghai needed a solid open-genre night that wasn't too commercial or too underground. Core members are DJ Caution and Heatwolves and we have guests whenever we can.

DJ Caution came up in LA, where he used to haul crates of vinyl across town in a Honda Civic to spin at ghetto house parties where peeps occasionally got shot. He's been DJing since before the first Pentium processors. Heatwolves grew in Kalamazoo before moving to Shanghai to consult in the time industry and blog at The duo also produce and remix as The Super Ayi Cleaning Team (超人阿姨打扫卫生帮). They live in a part of the Internet called

The Super Ayi Cleaning Team -- DJ Caution is fourth from the left, Heatwolves! at the far right

We just had a preview of the global-warming meltdown here in SH and came up with our top five summer jams while we watched Ayis stroll by our window, wearing four thick layers under the 24° C sun. These songs encompass the house-party vibes at our nights. We play house, dubstep, rock, booty music, disco, italo and all that too so expect a mixed bag on Friday, cut up real nice on two turntables, none of that MIDI controller fakery.

LOVE BANG Top Five Tracks for the Last Good Summers Before the Global Warming Meltdown

"Let Me Ride" - Dr. Dre

Heatwolves!: Dope Southern California cruzing anthem. Sunny days 'n' females. Gangsta shizz. You know it right from Snoop's "Biatch!" and the Patois before the drop.

"Born To Roll" - Masta Ace

Heatwolves!: Bass-heavy blowin up yo car's sound-system type joint. Massive analogue bassline sampled from Original Concept's "Knowledge Me."

"Today Was a Good Day"- Ice Cube

Heatwolves!: Burgers, basketball, getting paid, dominos -- and nobody got murked. It's a perfect song, like "Walk on the Wild Side" or "Disorder" by Joy Division. I'd be mad if someone remixed this.

"I Believe In Miracles" - The Jackson Sisters

Heatwolves!: Breakdancers always show up at our parties and nothing works the floor like this classic tune. The break, the vocals, everything. If this song doesn't make you happy we don't know what to say.

"Throw Some D's" - Rich Boy

Heatwolves!: We play a good amount of club rap at our nights, but who knows if "All Gold Everything" and "Bands Make Her Dance" will be dope in 2023, assuming the meltdown doesn't kill us all before then. This track, nearly eight years old, still bangs just as hard as ever. Can't wait to listen to this as an old man while driving my grandkids to their ice-cooled school.

We also just did a mixtape for JUE Festival. All the artists on this mix will perform at Split Works' 2013 JUE Festival, and you can by a limited-edition USB containing this mix and lots of other exclusives at all major JUE events. All proceeds go straight to Morning Tears, a charity that helps the children of imprisoned parents.

See you on Friday at Dada. Free entry. We've just added Toronto's DJ FeelGoodSmalls to the lineup so come down early for her warm-up set. We start at 9pm sharp.


Love Bang is this Friday at Dada Bar. DJs Caution and Heatwolves! joined by special guest DJ Rs_0ne from LA and DJ FeelGoodSmalls from Canada. No cover. Starts 9pm.
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  • Heatwolves

    thanks for this Morgan - see you all tmmr night @ Dada yo.

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