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[Mixtape]: Hashback Hashish
Five for Friday: Hashback Hashish from new Delhi YouTube-curates a mixtape ahead of his China tour kickoff tonight at Mako Livehouse...
By Oct 17, 2014 Nightlife

Mixtape is asking DJs and producers coming to town, in their opinions, what are the five best songs ever and forever and ever. Or just five songs that are somewhat interesting for some reason. Or six songs. We're easy…

The mix maker: Hashback Hashish from New Delhi, India just landed in Beijing. He's back following up a successful tour of Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Hong Kong earlier in the year. Riding under the banner of Delhi label REProduce, Hashback has made a deep connection with artists on this side of the continent, remixing a track from BJ-based experimental electro producer iimmune and contributing to a compilation CD featuring Dead J and FAR/∞. He also just dropped a new EP, two tracks of dark, sterile (in a good way) minimal techno called Over Consumption:

The aforementioned Sino-Indian Music Alliance (SIMA) comp will drop at BEME III next weekend, but Hashback's here a week early and will be joining Dead J or a free BEME warmup gig tonight at Mako Livehouse in Shuangjing. Here's some of what he'll be playing, a balance of brutally minimal rhythms and atmospheric, melodic interludes hewing close to the aesthetic of his own production work:


Adult Jazz - "Springful"

Hashback Hashish says: This Leeds group hasn't done a thing wrong yet (not that they have been around very long anyway), but this song in particular is terrific. Harry Burgess is one of the most ingenious vocalists I've heard recently and the slow grooves in the song are something special. Funnily enough, the band really has nothing at all to do with jazz.


Ametsub - "Precipice Drive"

HH says: One could pick any song off Ametsub's 2012 All is Silence disc and be lost immediately, in the best ways possible. The song spells evening while reaching for solemnity and achieves it, and never fails to delight me.


Gesaffelstein - "The lack of hope"

HH says: While the man's general aesthetics and his involvement in fashion and art can sometimes be a bit off-putting, his music survives all of it. The song is aggressive, relentless, haunting, and very well produced, quite like most of his work.


Boris Brejcha - "Distortion is Nothing"

HH says: Brejcha is an old love, one that constantly makes an appearance during my DJ sets. From his signature fat basslines to the simple, clean production - there's nothing I don't find appealing.


Etienne de Crécy - "We, Computers"

HH says: Alfonso Goiriz once described de Cracy's music as the "merging (sic) of early Daft Punk acidity, Kraftwerk's electro, and the class, control, and sturdiness of Laurent Garnier's house" and really if that doesn't make for a great record - then I don't know what does.

Catch Hashback TONIGHT (Fri 10/17) @ Mako Livehouse in Shuangjing (DJ set alongside Dead J), Friday, October 24 @ Dada (DJ), and Sunday, October 26 @ XP (live).


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