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Observations at the 'Cannibal Corpse' Show
USA death metal band Cannibal Corpse kicks the shit out at The One in Beijing. I tookkk paaaaarttyyy phhhotoooss, blalarrg, kill, deeaaath.
By Oct 22, 2012 Nightlife

Buffalo death metal originators Cannibal Corpse made their Beijing debut to a near capacity crowd at this dance club-looking live music venue called The One on Saturday night, as part of Painkiller Magazine's 12-year anniversary celebrations. The band ripped through a career-spanning set, opening with material off their latest album, the critically acclaimed, gore-infused Torture but delving as far back to their controversial Tomb of the Mutilated album (1992) -- the piquant little number "I Cum Blood", in particular -- and more. All in, it was about an hour and a half set, with the band going on at about 9:40pm and finishing a bit past 11pm -- apparently they had a plane to catch.

The concert itself was almost cancelled outright. The venue was changed from YGYS to The One -- a venue out past the 4th ring road, for fuck's sake -- the day of the show and Painkiller had to scramble to organize shuttle busses to ferry concert goers to the new venue, not to mention get the venue ready at the last minute to handle the show. The rumor going around was that a rival promotions agency alerted the fuzz to the illegality of the booking and Painkiller had to pull off some last-minute sneaky moves to make it happen. How shitty is that, eh?

[Update: Nefarious deeds were not the cause for the venue switch. See comments.]

About 20 minutes before the show started I ran into a stressed-out looking Yang from Painkiller:


SmBj: Dude, this concert is happening, eh! Cannibal Corpse in China! Crazy.

Yang: When the band is actually on the stage playing and the cops don't show up, then it's actually happening. Until then…


But, sure enough, the lights went down...

...and the Buffalo quintet took the stage.

And shit WENT OFF.

'I need to blow off steam due to an unfulfilling employment situation and maybe an unsatisfactory home life! Blarg!"

If you get another man's hair in your mouth, you are joined together for life.


"I want to see everyone headbanging, especially you motherfuckers at the front! If you have short hair that's no excuse. Try to keep up with me. BUT YOU WILL FAIL."

Obligatory shot of THE MAN by white guy photographer at concert.

Down at the death metal show, that's when it's time to bust out your most evil metal shirt. Like Pig Destroyer...

...or Devourment...

..or miscellaneous.

At a Canibal Corpse show it's okay to be THAT GUY and represent with the shirt of the band at the show. It's alright.

Especially if it's "His" and "Hers" Canibal Corpse shirts. Witness the happy couple, with a loving relationship built, perhaps, on shared affection for romantic tunes like "Entrails Ripped from a Virgin's Cunt" and "Carrion Sculpted Entity".

Apparently it's alright to front Burzum at shows as well. Is that allowed? Not even sure that's allowed. "Coming soon to a Church NEAR YOU!" Damn.

Another strategy? Fuck shirts.

Some metal dudes get super bummed when you take their picture.

Just wanted to get a shot of the guy dressed like FLO RIDA, man.


Death metal BFFs 4 life!

Anton LaVey was there.

Dunno, man. Seems like this is exactly the opportunity to let that hair out and throw it around a bit. Ponytail... bit of a party foul, I think.

Whoops, how did this get in there?

If you go to a Canibal Corpse show, make sure you roll with someone like this: an Australian death metal Lou Ferrigno who strikes fear into the hearts of all in attendance and screams his band heckles in a cookie monster voice.

"This song is about shooting blood. FROM YOUR COCK."

This chick was pretty fearless.


That dude needed to just...

For some reason the venue had these pillars full of feathers...

...which I accepted as an invitation to get super arty.

This death metal shit is hard work.

The crowd mustered up the energy for a single Wall of Death at the start of the very last song for the night. I managed to document the impact of it with this shot. BEHOLD. Some dude's elbow maybe.

Good times though! Hats off to Painkiller for saving this one from the brink and delivering on a great show. Looking forward to DAAARRKK FUNERAAALLL.


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  • joshyjosh

    Ha ha ha, oh how I miss these articles in Shanghai.

  • rockinchina

    Hi Morgan, this is Yang. Thanks for this article, fun read :)

    well, when i was talking about police coming, i rather ment that the show could be "too loud" for the neighbourhood, cuz if the police would stop the gig that night, that would be the only reason to do so.

    "The Guy" in uniform is our hired security, funny their uniform almost fooled me on the first sight.

    And "the father" is actually the venue manager, he was pretty nervous when ppl started to gather in big crowds. But when CC started playing and everyone was happy, he relaxed a lot. I think i hard get that big audience in his venue.

    And about the rumor, well i've heard another: some one was digging a whole in the backyard of YGYS and accidently damaged the power pipe LOL but no organization has claimed to be responsible for that action yet ;)

    a big kowtow thanks to the guys of YGYS and their great support, this all wouldnt be possible with out their efforts! A pity they had to move out but great boundaries are forged in hard times, we appreciate it deeply.

    appology to all visitors for the inconveniecy, bass player Alex already promised to come again next time.



  • mingworm

    haha! great captions. GROUNDED FOR LIFE!!

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