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Event Preview: Bunker Party Vol. 2
Notes from the underground. A multi-media blitz of info about this Saturday's Bunker Party. Pictures, videos, sound bites, oh my!
By Mar 12, 2014 Nightlife
Much has been written about Beijing's famous "Underground City", the network of bomb shelters and underground tunnels that snake under the streets of the city, constructed in the late '60s for three reasons:

1) Some kind of military thing or something

2) C.H.U.D. housing

3) So people could throw raves down there

This Saturday night, it's reason number three on the docket as the Underground City plays host to "Volume 2" of the Bunker Party series of tomes. Just the stats: 10 DJs playing underground techno and house, 2 VJs who are building an interactive light / art installation using silk screens, and, of utmost importance, cheap drinks.

So, this one's the second Bunker Party, Bunker Party II: Underground Boogaloo. It's at a new location under a warehouse in Sihui. Here's a video of the first one. Maybe expect something like this only bigger, better, faster, more, more, more.


The new space is bigger -- they're expecting more than last one's 500-person turnout -- and they're putting this lighting thing into it. Trippy.

3DESTRUCT v2 from ANTIVJ is a visual label on Vimeo.


More media coming at you. Here's some grainy pictures of the new space. Sorry for the quality. It's like a pit, man.

SmartBeijing talked to party organizer Jerry Guo about going underground:
I found a tiny bunker in the hutongs a couple years ago and held a Christmas party there. I remember me and the DJ (Meng from Goa) had to lower our speakers down this manhole entrance and then crawl through this tunnel that still had old rifles piled up on the sides. It was just a really different experience to the usual weekends partying in Sanlitun. So then the concept evolved and got a little bigger each time, but I knew the whole idea should revolve around underground spaces, as that's the kind of techno and house that we're going for. We saw this old Beijing warehouse that was boarded up and I peeked in and the space had that feeling of potential. I love those moments.

Our last bunker party was sold out the week before. It's deep underground this old Beijing warehouse and it's four times the size of our last space, so we can fit more than the 500 we had last time. We're investing a lot in the sound system -- 24 speakers alone. Our 2 VJs are also a bit nuts and are currently constructing this light installation. But the concept will still be the same: great underground techno and house, cheap drinks, and late night partying.

We're being super creative and are calling these parties the Bunker series. Beijing has one of the largest underground networks of abandoned spaces in the world, and there's all sorts of cool bunkers around. Our next concept is a 4-floor unfinished villa with a cozy concrete bunker. We're eyeing the spot for an extreme house party, with 5 simultaneous stages including a live jazz band in the attic.

Tickets: Entry is 100rmb and you have to have an advance ticket to get in. There's no walk-ups. Plan ahead. Two locations are selling tickets: Cantina Agave and the first location of Home Plate in Sanyuanqiao. You can also hit them up via their Facebook page right here or call them at 134 8885 3779 (Sasha).

Finding it: It's under some warehouse in Sihui, on Line 1. Directions are on the ticket. You can also hit them up at And you can also hang on to that number.

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