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[Drink It]: Más' Bottled Cocktails
Portable alchemy from Más. SmartBeijing tests out these new Cocktails-in-a-Bottle that are popping up around town...
By Nov 20, 2014 Nightlife
If you're looking to take your crushing alcohol dependency to a new and jubilant place, hey, you should try out these cocktails-in-a-bottle that hutong pineapple shack Más is freshly distributing. They're really muy, muy delicioso. Trust me on this, I get paid vast sums of money to run booze interference for you in Beijing.


Released just last week, there's two flavors two choose from: a Vanilla Cardamom Daiquiri and a Hibiscus Lime Daiquiri. Both are created and bottled in the bar, with the former using a vanilla bean infusion and the later a lime infusion. They're bottled, labelled, and wax-sealed by-hand. (Beijing is such a crafty city, isn't it?) They clock in at around 9.7% alchohol, and they're YOURS for 40rmb per bottle.

Mode d'emploi

Purchase (with a glass of ice and a lime)...

Go on and shake it up...

(I've had plenty of practice.)

Crank the top...

(It's the same wax used by Mary, Queen of Scots to seal her secret, treasonous correspondences!)

Pour it up...


Repeat, repeat, repeat as needed.

So, how do they taste? Both really good, in my opinion. The Lime Daiquiri is a bit tart, citrus-y and zingy, while still being very clean-tasting and refreshingly -- mercifully -- full of life-affirming alcohol content. The Vanilla Cardamon tastes like vanilla. Which is right-on. Who doesn't like vanilla? Vanilla is always invited. This Vanilla Cardamom is a bit more universally accessible than the Hibiscus Lime, maybe. It tastes like a pretty decent party. In both cases, it's a real clean taste and a very refreshing experience, which is nice. They're using "100% Natural" ingredients -- no preservatives -- so you don't get that syrupy alco-pop thing at the backend. I was worried, initially, that these bottled cocktails would just taste like Breezers, which are, of course, totally delicious, but do end up tasting like clown AIDS after you've had like five or six of them. That's a fact.

So try 'em out! Cocktails-in-a-bottle. Damn, what will they think of next? They're currently available at Más, The Corner Melt, and Chez Gerard in Jianchang Hutong, but they're looking to put them in other places around town. Maybe El Nido, maybe Dada, who knows...

But you can also just rock up to the bar and buy them take-away. It's a great way to play your very own home version of Más, which is, say, slurping daiquiris forlornly on your couch, weeping gently to yourself, naked, and surfing through correspondence graduate programs from DeVry. Hypothetically.

Just an example.

BONUS ROUND: The "Coquito" (60rmb)

"High proof rum, house tropical bitters, coconut, cinamon, real whipped cream + vanilla".

This one's part of Más' new winter hot drinks cocktails menu. Goddamn, this is good. Try this one out, seriously.

This tastes like rolling around on a bear rug, covered in cinnamon, with Tom Selleck.

Like exactly like that.


Más is at 25 Beixinqiao Toutiao. They're open Tuesday to Sunday 6pm 'til late.
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