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New Eats: Tribe
Healthful eats and a familiar ethos at new cafe / restaurant Tribe. Juices, coffee, salads, and then some in the China View building...
By Jul 21, 2014 Dining
Tribe is a straight-up Moka Bros tribute act that just opened last week or so in the China View building. That's the one with Hooters, right next to Gongti.

Yeah, lots of Mokas Bros emulation going on at Tribe. From the self-satisfied healthy living sloganeering on the walls... the menu emphasis on healthful and hip wraps, salads, and juices. Hell, even the damn font is the same.

Fair enough. There's a real gap in the market these days in Beijing to play on people's (probably justified) fears of all the carcinogenic shit they're willfully and unwillingly ingesting into their systems. Like Moka Bros before them and, I guess, Element Fresh even before that, Tribe is offering a healthful eating and drinking alternative in Beijing. Everything is as fresh as can be. Everything's natural. Everything is organic. All the ingredients are sourced from some rural hippie cult commune and then lovingly dunked into an pristine vat of LSD before arriving at the cafe. No, just kidding. But, yeah, lots of healthy, fresh, leafy, crisp, rejuvenating, hydrating, detoxifying, exfoliating foods and juices. Plus wifi.

It's a two-story deal, with some couch seating and the ordering bar on the first floor, and typical cafe seating on the second.

They're pushing the juice. For an opening promotion, if you order a sandwich, they set you up with three shots of juice. I didn't know which was which but they were damn colorful. And damn strong. Like blasting the tar out of your capillaries with day-glo natural goodness.

Onto the food. Menu is broken down into salads (48rmb - 65rmb), wraps & sandwiches (45rmb - 78rmb), noodle & grain bowls (48rmb - 68rmb), coffee (25rmb for an Americano), and juice & smoothies (around 38rmb). Food-wise, it's a pretty far-reaching and varied set of offerings. Lot's of fairly involved and singular meals here. Mushroom & Kale Grilled Cheese. Lamb Meatball Sandwich. Israeli Lentils. Smoked Tofu. Buckwheat Pad Thai. I will say that what Tribe lacks in originality, they make up for with food variety and quality. I've been back a few times to pick around their menu, and each visit the food was great.

Here's their house salad, which is a goulash of healthy twigs and leaves: "Quinoa, Kale, Orange, Fennel, Hummus & Pistachio w/ Chilli Citrus Vinaigrette".

Tribe Salad (52rmb)

The Baked Falafel Wrap: "With Pickled Beet, Tomato, Eggplant, and Yogurt Relish Wrapped in Sesame Wrap".

Baked Falafel (58rmb)

Really complex ball of food here.

Here's the Lamb Meatball sandwich ("With Feta, Hummus, & Carrot Slaw on Sprouted 7 Grain"). According to the "Glossary of Goodness", apparently, it's a VITAMIN LOAD! and good for my heart as well. Hey, that's wicked.

Lamb Meatball 68rmb)

This is a fantastic sandwich. Really delicious. Lamb meatballs, feta cheese, and hummus. That's a great combo. Very fresh and hearty at the same time. Really satisfying. Definitely would re-order this one.

If you're looking for another healthy eating alternative in Beijing, definitely the menu at Tribe is worth exploring. Food's great. And pretty singular, even if the whole ethos of the place isn't really. Buckwheat Pad Thai? It's a little on the expensive side, yeah -- the wrap, which was just three rolls, at 58rmb, ehhhhh, I dunno -- but I guess your paying for quality. And the fact that if you only eat here in Beijing, you're probably going to live forever. And look and feel absolutely fantastic doing it.


Tribe is in Building 3, China View off Gongti Dong Lu. It's right besides Annie's, facing Gongti. They're open daily from 10:30am to 10:30pm.


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