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[Eat It]: Brussels' 20rmb Buffalo Chicken Burger
Just a good ole lunch deal for honest working types in the Nan Sanlitun Lu area. 20rmb for a Buffalo Chicken Burger at Brussels. Nice.
By Sep 25, 2012 Dining
Eat It is a regular feature that cuts to the core of a given restaurant's menu, highlighting a specialty, favorite, or otherwise good thing to eat.

If you're an international businessman like me doing international business in the Sanlitun area -- specifically the NAN Sanlitun NAN LU area, my friends -- you know the importance of a good international businessman's lunch that "doesn't break the bank" and is "easy on the wallet" but also "doesn't taste like absolute shit".

Check it: This "Bar & Restaurant" place called Brussels has a 20rmb lunch special on a Buffalo Chicken Burger with Fries or Salad that HITS ALL THE RIGHT NOTES.

1) It doesn't break the bank
2) It is easy on the wallet
3) It doesn't taste like absolute shit

It looks like this.

Extreme closeup.

Another extreme closeup, different picture.

Brussels is like this sports bar western food bistro-ish kinda place, with lots of beers and a dartboard and '90s alt rock on the radio. When I was there it was The Killers right into Goldfinger. Snapped my head right back, like whoa, it's Goldfinger playing right now. They do some pretty alright lunch specials from 11am to 3pm, as well as tons of other daily specials and things like that, pretty much every day, so much so that it's like Christmas Day exploding all over your face every day if you asked Santa for cheapish Brusselses' deals, Goldfinger, and things. As far as lunch specials go, there's two options at 20rmb: the Buffalo Chicken Burger and a BBQ Pork Burger. Then it jeepers creepers up a bit in price with other options like X and Y and Z which are not 20rmb, more like 38rmb, so I was like NO THANKS.

But, anyways, so this thing is quite big and quite tasty and very filling and a great option for anyone who likes stuff like this, even if you're not in the area doing international business but maybe you happen to be at Sanlitun Village shopping at the Uniqlo or something. The chicken is quite tender, Buffalo sawwwwce is quite tart but not too overpowering, and it's just a pretty big bastard that is very filling and you have to use all your napkins to eat it because it will end up all over your face like gnar, gnar, gnar. It's like eating a basketball dunked in mayonaise that only costs 20rmb. The fries were just okay, I want to say they were kinda rote, but I'm not exactly sure what "rote" means.

Another tip: If you want to get really cheap on that and enjoy even more savings, NO DRINK. BUYAO DRINK. That's what I call "The Continental".

"The Continental"

But if it's payday or like right after payday, you can mix and match a drink with the Buffalo Chicken Burger and splash out on a Coke or a Diet Coke or a beer or a Sex on the Beach or something. I get the pint of Vedette Extra Blonde guy because to my calculations, at 35rmb, it's the most volume of beer for the cheapest price. That's what I call "The Excelsior".

"The Excelsior"

So that's pretty much it. It's a good deal, I think. 20rmbs for a big Buffaloo Chicken bastard that just puts a brick in your stomach for the rest of the day. Happy hour runs for 5pm to 9pm which is "rotating discounted drinks and daily specials on bottled beer", which is lifestyle journalism speak for, "I forgot to write down the specifics."

They also have pool.

And sports.

On finding the place: It's in that thing called Courtyard Number 4 off Nan Salitun Lu, which also has the D Lounge, the Kro's Nest, the Salsa Caribe, and The Bookworms -- just a short walk from things like the SOHO and the Sanlitun Bar Street and the Uniqlo. Brussels is next to some vegetarian restaurant place called pffffftthhh.

The front of the place looks like this.

And the logo of the place is a small child havin' a lil' wizz, which is some Belgian culture. (?)

Just a satisfied dude cranking a smoke, about to pay in one's and five's like what's up?


Brussels is at 4 Courtyard, off Nan Sanlitun Lu, in the same F&B hub as Kro's Nest and Salsa Caribe, walking north up Sanlitun Lu from the Sanlitun Village. Venue listing right here.


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