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AUG 20TH, 2014 - By Morgan Short

A peak inside the new location for Pinotage (Sanlitun) -- A much nicer environment in which to sup liberally of red wine and meat.

AUG 14TH, 2014 - By Morgan Short

Beating the hell out of a dead horse and putting it on a bun -- The Shitburger Cup invades Gulou burgers and booze joint, Temple.

AUG 13TH, 2014 - By Morgan Short

Pretty much resigned myself that I'm going to be doing these until I die! Three Beijing wise men choose our first Shitburger Cup finalist!

AUG 7TH, 2014 - By Morgan Short

Wrapping up Round 1 with a match-up between a McDicks Burger and... oh, there's a twist ending for this one! Take us home, Chandler Jurinka...

AUG 7TH, 2014 - By Morgan Short

A battle between two of the Cup's top seeds. H.P. Lovecraft's Lament Vs. The Evil That Men Do -- sounds like a pretty sweet metal album actually.

AUG 5TH, 2014 - By Morgan Short

Separating the shitty wheat from the even shittier chaff. 4corners' chef Jun Trinh drops the hammer on come chicken burgers...

AUG 4TH, 2014 - By Morgan Short

Let's get it on! The Shitburger Cup kicks off with a classic tale of evil and way more evil. Here's CCC on some of the worst burgers in BJ.

JUL 31ST, 2014 - By Morgan Short

We are on the edge of something wonderful and glorious, my friends. The Shitburger Cup -- the search for Beijing's worst hamburger.

JUL 29TH, 2014 - By Morgan Short

A Fluxus of activity in the courtyard of The Opposite House. Bao House -- it's De Stijl of the century. Um. Okay, I'm done...

JUL 21ST, 2014 - By Morgan Short

Healthful eats and a familiar ethos at new cafe / restaurant Tribe. Juices, coffee, salads, and then some in the China View building...

JUL 17TH, 2014 - By Morgan Short

Introducing The Corner Melt -- Fangjia Hutong husband-and-wife purveyors of grilled cheese sandwiches. Fine, fine grilled cheese sandwiches.

JUL 8TH, 2014 - By Morgan Short

A buzz through the new location for Gulou favorite, Detour. Home-style and heartfelt Chinese cooking plus pop culture appreciation.

JUL 4TH, 2014 - By SmBj

The block is hot! Here are the sights, sounds, and brunches you want to soak up over the month of July. If you're still around...

JUL 2ND, 2014 - By Morgan Short

Return of the king. Super-secret-but-not-really Mexican resto The Taco Bar in Sanlitun is now open for your taco and sangria needs...

JUN 10TH, 2014 - By Morgan Short

Blasting through the opening menu of Patois, that new "contemporary American Regional cuisine" restaurant on Xinfucun Lu.

JUN 4TH, 2014 - By Kendra Schaefer

AKA, "Snip/Tuck: The One Where Mr. Vagitarian Gets a Vasectomy in Beijing"... and a resto recommendation!

MAY 22ND, 2014 - By Morgan Short

After a lengthy period in the scaffolding cocoon, the first name in Gulou laptop hang-outs Cafe Zarah (softly) reopens. Here's a peak inside.

MAY 21ST, 2014 - By Morgan Short

There's this new Spanish place on Gulou Dong Dajie called Malaga. They specialize in food for giants. Yum. Don Quixote rides again!

MAY 21ST, 2014 - By Connor Brennan

Main man at both The Ritz and the JW Marriot -- Bruno Correa comes around with five recommendations for dining out in Beijing.

MAY 14TH, 2014 - By Connor Brennan

With good ingredients and great value for money, Pho Factory on Xingfucun is a new haven for people looking to slurp down a bowl of noodles...




rob.r on New Eats: (The New) Pinotage (Sanlitun)

The photo on this had me pining for the shite burger finale. Bring it already!

Lojo on Modern Sky Festival Headed to NYC

Official website:

Dream Sequins on Interview: Ren Hang

This is a great interview. I wouldn't have thought about the commercial advertising angle, but his stuff does look a lot like certain American Apparel..

inukshuk on Shitburger Cup: Jehovah's Fury Vs. The Mysterywich

Let's be honest with each other, we've all eaten these chemical cocktails after coming out of the bars just a little too early for brunch, and just a ..

danirlopez on The 2014 Shitburger Cup: Let's Meet The Contestants!

I'd say The Evil that Men Do wins this one. It looks patriotic and scary as hell.