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MAR 25TH, 2015 - By Morgan Short

New Japanese import in that Sanlitun Village, TIE-KEW-LEE place-thing. Gelato Pique Cafe: They do crepes. And wonderful sweet things.

MAR 24TH, 2015 - By Kendra Schaefer

Girls on film. Inside Aotu Selfie Parlor, Beijing's best budget option to take pictures of yourself dressed like toast. Sexy toast.

MAR 19TH, 2015 - By Morgan Short

Gulou dumplings king Mr. Shi brings "Mr. Shi's Dumplings" arrives in Sanlitun. He's a shark and we're all just chum in the water...

MAR 17TH, 2015 - By Morgan Short

In and around the menu of new Hong Kong-stye diner Rouge Restaurant in Courtyard No. 4. Another new addition to the neighborhood...

MAR 12TH, 2015 - By Kendra Schaefer

AKA The Uber of chefs. SmartBeijing tried out new chefs-to-order dining app Hao Chushi. Spoiler: It's pretty fantastic.

MAR 9TH, 2015 - By Morgan Short

I'm Morgan. Let's do this. New taco restaurant on Gulou Dong Dajie. These are the salad days, my friends. These are the salad days...

MAR 3RD, 2015 - By Kendra Schaefer

"The Vagitarian" returns, introducing the tools you need to fake a pregnancy (Taobao, yo) and new veggie hot dog window. All about the simulacrum this...

MAR 2ND, 2015 - By SmBj

The big, exhaustive document of what's going on in Beijing in March. Eating, drinking, dancing, arting, sporting, partaying, whatevering ...

FEB 27TH, 2015 - By Morgan Short

Inside the new tenant at Courtyard Number 4 -- Italian fine dining restaurant, Park 17. Classic Italian food via inspiration from Shanghai.

FEB 26TH, 2015 - By Ross Harris

Beer and BBQ in the boonies. SmBj took the trip out to damn Shunyi to try out this new Charcoal place, an ambitious BBQ/microbrewery in the 'burbs.

FEB 10TH, 2015 - By Ross Harris

A meal at Chuan Tang. The newest restaurant to open on Xingfucun swings back to classic Beijing territory: meat on sticks, cheap beer in glass.

FEB 3RD, 2015 - By Morgan Short

"I'm in league with Satan. I bear the devils mark." Satan's Hot Dogs, open in Sanlitun SOHO, channels the evil that men do in 6 inches of meat.

JAN 30TH, 2015 - By SmBj

In case you can't find our listings section, here's our picks for what's on this month, presented lovingly with a thing that flashes at your face!

JAN 28TH, 2015 - By Morgan Short

GLB: can't stop, won't stop. Here's a look inside the new Great Leap Brewery in Liangmaqiao area. On the menu: Pizza. Beer. What else do you need?

JAN 27TH, 2015 - By Morgan Short

"Rage against the dying light..." Yeah, that quote doesn't really work here but I couldn't think of anything else with "rage" in it..

JAN 16TH, 2015 - By Morgan Short

Mr. Shi gets into the noodles game. Here's a look at what's cooking at Mr. Shi's newly re-branded expansion, Mr. Shi's Noodles.

JAN 14TH, 2015 - By Morgan Short

Cruising through the food and drinks menu at Zui The Yakitori Bar, the new yakitori place on Xingfucun Lu. Cheap, cheap eats and drinks...

JAN 8TH, 2015 - By Morgan Short

Here's whats cooking in the wood-burning oven at Bottega. Classic, heavy Neapolitan pizza and permutations across from Nali Patio...

JAN 7TH, 2015 - By Morgan Short

It's Badr's town. We're all just living and eating Moroccan food in it. Here's a look at his new restaurant Caravan, now soft open on Guanghua Lu.

DEC 18TH, 2014 - By Morgan Short

Let's get listical. Here's a roundup of our favorite venues we checked out for 2014. Best new bites and boozes in the Beej...




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