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OCT 22ND, 2014 - By Kendra Schaefer

Shattering the internet into a million beautiful pieces. The Vagitarian's Underwear Challenge -- this one's for all the tofurkey...

OCT 21ST, 2014 - By Morgan Short

SmartBeijing versus Mosto's new five-course, wine-paired tasting menu. I knew I graduated university for something...

OCT 17TH, 2014 - By Morgan Short

Ahead of their anniversary shaker this weekend, here's a look at the new beers on tap at GLB. Now pouring: Three Door Tripel and more...

OCT 16TH, 2014 - By Jonathan White

Last meals -- tripping out to Tianjin to try out 789 Prison Feng Yun, a new prison-themed restaurant in which diners eat in cells...

OCT 14TH, 2014 - By Morgan Short

"Land of Bread and Butter" -- Here's a look at the new Corner Melt, now open on Xingfucun Zhong Lu. Cheese rules everything around me...

OCT 8TH, 2014 - By Morgan Short

The monthly survey of brunches in restaurants around Beijing. The "summer menus" are drying up -- get 'em while you can...

SEP 18TH, 2014 - By Morgan Short

Ramo-lama ding dong. I'm sorry. I got nothin'. Start over: new pizza-by-the-slice place opens up in Fanjia Hutong. Here's a look inside.

SEP 12TH, 2014 - By Morgan Short

A look at what's cookin' at the newly-renovated Cuju in Xiguan hutong. It's blue. On the menu: olives, olives, and more olives...

SEP 10TH, 2014 - By Morgan Short

SmartBeijing draws on the volcanic spirit of the most important thespian of our times to rate pie delivery service, Rager Pies.

SEP 5TH, 2014 - By Jonathan White

Presenting "The World's Spiciest Bowl of Noodles". Jonathan White rides the dragon down at Hunanese fire factory, Fu Niu Tang. Ten minutes to glory...

SEP 2ND, 2014 - By Morgan Short

The monthly survey of brunches in restaurants around Beijing. Some new stuff, some old stuff. A bit of this, a bit of that...

AUG 22ND, 2014 - By Morgan Short

Glory. Celebrity. Dignity. Grandeur. Greatness. Honor. Immortality. Winning things. Great ideas. Shitburgers. Thank God this is over.

AUG 20TH, 2014 - By Morgan Short

A peak inside the new location for Pinotage (Sanlitun) -- A much nicer environment in which to sup liberally of red wine and meat.

AUG 14TH, 2014 - By Morgan Short

Beating the hell out of a dead horse and putting it on a bun -- The Shitburger Cup invades Gulou burgers and booze joint, Temple.

AUG 13TH, 2014 - By Morgan Short

Pretty much resigned myself that I'm going to be doing these until I die! Three Beijing wise men choose our first Shitburger Cup finalist!

AUG 7TH, 2014 - By Morgan Short

Wrapping up Round 1 with a match-up between a McDicks Burger and... oh, there's a twist ending for this one! Take us home, Chandler Jurinka...

AUG 7TH, 2014 - By Morgan Short

A battle between two of the Cup's top seeds. H.P. Lovecraft's Lament Vs. The Evil That Men Do -- sounds like a pretty sweet metal album actually.

AUG 5TH, 2014 - By Morgan Short

Separating the shitty wheat from the even shittier chaff. 4corners' chef Jun Trinh drops the hammer on come chicken burgers...

AUG 4TH, 2014 - By Morgan Short

Let's get it on! The Shitburger Cup kicks off with a classic tale of evil and way more evil. Here's CCC on some of the worst burgers in BJ.

JUL 31ST, 2014 - By Morgan Short

We are on the edge of something wonderful and glorious, my friends. The Shitburger Cup -- the search for Beijing's worst hamburger.




3v3n on The Great [Vagitarian] Edible Underwear Challenge

I am especially glad this appears in the 'dining' section.

kelseyshmelsey on The Great [Vagitarian] Edible Underwear Challenge

dipping sauce! dipping sauce.

PekingComedy on New Bites: (The New) Mosto

Haaaa, lil' cinnamon guy. Love calling drinks "Guys".

Peter Stone on This Sounds Pretty Neat: Djang San + 'Le Voyage Dans La Lune'

With Pierre Billiard (DJ Peter Stone) on Bass and Cedric (devil at the crossroad) on Drum!

leeovisa09 on [Offbeat]: The Mongolia Visa Run

The new 90 days is calculated from the date of your entry, whenever your last entry 90-day expires. You don't need to enter after the 30th. Source..