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JUL 29TH, 2014 - By Morgan Short

A Fluxus of activity in the courtyard of The Opposite House. Bao House -- it's De Stijl of the century. Um. Okay, I'm done...

JUL 21ST, 2014 - By Morgan Short

Healthful eats and a familiar ethos at new cafe / restaurant Tribe. Juices, coffee, salads, and then some in the China View building...

JUL 17TH, 2014 - By Morgan Short

Introducing The Corner Melt -- Fangjia Hutong husband-and-wife purveyors of grilled cheese sandwiches. Fine, fine grilled cheese sandwiches.

JUL 8TH, 2014 - By Morgan Short

A buzz through the new location for Gulou favorite, Detour. Home-style and heartfelt Chinese cooking plus pop culture appreciation.

JUL 4TH, 2014 - By SmBj

The block is hot! Here are the sights, sounds, and brunches you want to soak up over the month of July. If you're still around...

JUL 2ND, 2014 - By Morgan Short

Return of the king. Super-secret-but-not-really Mexican resto The Taco Bar in Sanlitun is now open for your taco and sangria needs...

JUN 10TH, 2014 - By Morgan Short

Blasting through the opening menu of Patois, that new "contemporary American Regional cuisine" restaurant on Xinfucun Lu.

JUN 4TH, 2014 - By Kendra Schaefer

AKA, "Snip/Tuck: The One Where Mr. Vagitarian Gets a Vasectomy in Beijing"... and a resto recommendation!

MAY 22ND, 2014 - By Morgan Short

After a lengthy period in the scaffolding cocoon, the first name in Gulou laptop hang-outs Cafe Zarah (softly) reopens. Here's a peak inside.

MAY 21ST, 2014 - By Morgan Short

There's this new Spanish place on Gulou Dong Dajie called Malaga. They specialize in food for giants. Yum. Don Quixote rides again!

MAY 21ST, 2014 - By Connor Brennan

Main man at both The Ritz and the JW Marriot -- Bruno Correa comes around with five recommendations for dining out in Beijing.

MAY 14TH, 2014 - By Connor Brennan

With good ingredients and great value for money, Pho Factory on Xingfucun is a new haven for people looking to slurp down a bowl of noodles...

MAY 13TH, 2014 - By Connor Brennan

Rounding out the Tiny Seat Dining series at the ground zero of comically small chairs and spicy air in the summer breeze: Huda on Guijie.

MAY 7TH, 2014 - By Kendra S

...And that's also the best band name ever. You're welcome. The Vagitarian returns with a BDSM party recap, a sex store intro, and a kungpao recipe. Hey,...

MAY 6TH, 2014 - By Connor Brennan

Gordon Kutil of American bistro The Big Smoke on where to eat and drink in Beijing -- all-you-can-eat sushi to Chef Boyardee-ish Xinjiang dishes.

APR 29TH, 2014 - By Connor Brennan

EPIC MEAL TIME. "Tiny Seat Dining" highlights a hardcore summer delicacy: Roasted Lamb Scorpion, served on a iron wrack of deliciousness.

APR 23RD, 2014 - By Morgan Short

SOMEBODY had to try Heaven's "Tequila Marinated Beef Tenderloin". You're welcome, everybody. You're welcome.

APR 22ND, 2014 - By Connor Brennan

Where to go, what to look for, and what to eat now that we can finally sit outside and soak up those great Beijing summer nights.

APR 17TH, 2014 - By Connor Brennan

Legend Charlie comes around and drops some knowledge about where and what to eat in town. It's like Moses coming down from Mount Sanlitun.

APR 15TH, 2014 - By Morgan Short

Praise Jeeeebus. Just a little Easter eats round up for you. Here's where to eat this Sunday afternoon and evening... buffets and such.




Jonathan Alpart on New Noise: Dusk Dawn Club

Wow, this place looks incredible! Really stepping up the game here. 69 is a really nice guy, too. Can't wait to check this place out? Who's with m..

gutcham2 on New Eats: The Corner Melt

Delicious food and also the owner is very nice! Too bad they were out of homemade pickles, but don't worry, he promised me next time i go there they ..

sumoed on New Eats: The Corner Melt

Pickle (flash)back!!! Did me in, those did.

Traminer on New Eats: Patois (Est. 2014)

You missed out on the best thing on the menu - tenderloin with foie gras. Decadent! They are happy to swap the potato-heavy sides with any other v..