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Gallery: William Kentridge's 'Notes Towards a Model Opera'
'He that fled his fate': A tour of the massive William Kentridge retrospective on now down at UCCA. Gray lines on the walls...
By Aug 19, 2015 Arts
In case you haven't had the chance to get down yet -- or can't find the time -- here's a photo tour of Australian artist William Kentridge's 'Notes Towards a Model Opera' on now for a few more minutes down at UCCA. Dark, moody, and morose the exhibition covers two floors of space, spanning animation, ink works, kinetic and static sculpture, video projections, and prints -- almost 30 years of work in his largest exhibition in Asia ever.

The centerpiece of the exhibition is the work "Notes Towards a Model Opera". From the associated material:

"Rooted in extensive research into the intellectual, political, and social history of modern China, from Lu Xun to revolutionary theater, that Kentridge undertook in preparation for this exhibition, this three-channel projection explores dynamics of cultural diffusion and metamorphosis through the formal prism of the eight model operas of the Cultural Revolution...

...Starting from its origins in Paris, Kentridge playfully overlays the aesthetic and ideological transformations of ballet as it is transplanted across the globe, an arch of influence juxtaposing contexts as disparate as Moscow, Shanghai, and the artist’s native Johannesburg."

Mmmyes. It's a pretty heady machine.


William Kentridge's 'Notes Towards a Model Opera' is on at UCCA until August 30, after which it shall gets swept aside in the effacing tides of history. It's 10rmb to get in.
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