I've never done LSD so I'm a bit out of my depth here, but there's this thing called Voozoo Festival coming up on August 7. It's an outdoor psytrance rave in a mountain jungle located in the middle of fucking nowhere, like 6 hours away from Chongqing on a rickety bus. Here are all the DJs confirmed so far: FuiGui, Bigfeud, ZenYan, NeZha, PSY101, Blue, Yuan, RS2, MENG, JOHN WOOO, PMG, JiangZhi, Luna-Eheia, ChanYuan, Hsin, VONE (HK), GURU (HK), PERTA (RU), Ohm'eow(FR).

Cool. Heard of none of those. The VOOZOO organizers add:

... Read on



If you're a Temple Bar person, this is just a friendly reminder to call in sick to work until Tuesday or thereabouts. The Gulou heavy drinking institution is officially out of the woods with the whole Terrible Twos thing, and celebrating their third anniversary with a heady, four-day dose of HARD ROCK, punk, trip hop, funk, other kinds of live music I think, plus DJs. Kicks off tonight with live sets from Seven Light Years, Los Crasher, and Devils at the Crossroad, plus some guys clicking MP3s that you may or may not like until after sunrise, most likely.

Then there's a whole smorgasbord of debauchery (and burgers) on offer throughout the weekend, terminating in the wee hours of Monday morning. Find all the details crucial to damaging your liver and eardrums here. Happy birthday, Temple!



The Bāctāgon Projects crew has been hard at work distilling some of Beijing's most rarefied knowledge and bottling it up for easy, online consumption via their monthly A.M. Brainstorm meetups. June's featured Chinese instrument builder / rad hacker Meng Qi and classically trained French-Italian composer Jacopo Baboni-Schilingi discussing such topics as "How and when will humans be listening to music in 2050, and what will that music sound like?" Whoa dude. Get a full download of their conversation on the Soundcloud.

And prepare your Friday night schedule accordingly: July's A.M. Brainstorm happens this Saturday morning at The Other Place. This edition features architect / designer Jenny Chou and artist / architect / writer / curator / probably a dozen other things / etc duo Cruz Garcia and Nathalie Frankowski (WAI Think Tank / Intelligentsia Gallery) chatting about "Constructing Pathways: The Multi-Disciplinary Practices Naturally Arising from the Architectural Realm."

You can do all the appropriate homework for that one right here. No entry fee, 11am start. More info in the listing.



Here's a progressive date idea for this weekend: Beijing-based journalist Roseann Lake will present the debut of her stage play, The Leftover Monologues, on Saturday evening at Meridian. Inspired by the format of off-Broadway smash The Vagina Monologues, Lake's play draws on interviews with over 100 sheng nu ("leftover women"): "She wanted to let a live audience experience the candid, visceral and fervently bubbling cauldron of emotions that inevitably surfaced whenever she spoke of dating, love, sex and marriage with young Chinese women. All of the monologues in the play are written by the actors who interpret them. The cast is entirely comprised of women - and a handful of bold men - from all walks of life, many who have never before set foot on stage in a theatrical capacity. The messages they choose to deliver are their own - and in many instances, though native Chinese speakers, they have chosen to deliver their monologues in English so as to have a bit of distance with the text, which might otherwise seem scandalously personal."

No entry fee, but attendance is limited to 70 heads so email leftovermonologues@gmail.com to secure a spot. More info in the listing.



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"Cheap Chipotle in China"

jules on Lucky Lopez on Jun 14th

It's basically high-quality Chipotle in China, but cheaper. I spent 35 kuai on my lunch, and that's including 3 kuai for a water bottle. I think this is my new go to.

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  • Russian Moscow Circus

    The (Russian) circus is in town! The Russian Moscow Circus performs in Beijing, two days only -- August 8 and August 9 -- showcasing their world-vetted show which combines state-of-the-art technological stage production with stunning choreography
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    The Legend of Kungfu -- A world famous production, the best Kungfu practitioners from all over China come to be a part of the Beijing show, a live theatrical Kungfu spectacular.
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    One for the appreciators of stringed technical wizardry -- The Aristocrats three-piece jazz rock, experimental jam combo do a show at Mao Livehouse.
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    Electronica pop punk emo superstars Issues perform in China for the first time, behind their flash hit debut eponymous record Issues.

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