Mado Bar -- that's the one in Baochao Hutong with the deer painted on the wall at the front, just up from Modernista -- is hosting a brand new, probably reoccurring, night of poetry this Sunday. It's called "Spittoon" and will feature local writers performing original works in English (definitely) and Chinese (likely) to a ponderous crowd sipping pretty decent cocktails. On the agenda is several Beijing poets reading from 8pm, followed by an open mic opportunity if anyone from the crowd is feeling creative (drunk) enough to get up and perform on the fly.

No entry fee. That's this Sunday at Mado. Should be a good turn out. Should be some edifying times.

Words, man. Words.

Details here.



This Saturday afternoon, evening, night, late night, and early morning, Caravan hosts a Beijing exhibition for rock photographer about town, Aurélien Foucault. We've had the pleasure to feature a lot of his live music photography for the past few years in our party gallery thing down the page there.

For his show at Caravan, he's printing out a selection of his best stuff and displaying it in all it's sweaty, fervid, rawk 'n' roll, never say die glory on the wall of the newly opened restaurant-slash-live music house, Caravan. From the presser:

"Taking you to over 10 different live music venues with his his time travel machine, you will be able to see many of the familiar faces of the Beijing Underground such as Hedgehog, Djang San, Nova Heart, Hanggai, Rolling Bowling (and many more) all in one place.

You will also be given the possibility to take them home with you."

So that means bring your wallet, if you'd like to purchase a nice photo or two commemorating your time on the Beijing live music circuit.

I'm thinking a nice picture of Djang San on his knees playing a guitar solo. Seems like the quintessential "Beijing live music" image.

Starts 4pm. Goes on into the evening. Might be a band playing. No entry fee. Details here.

ART / APR 21


Excellent news for fans of hamburgers and deals! Slow Boat's Dongsi 8 Tiao taproom is, as of today, open on Mondays. To christen their new schedule, they're offering a sweet perk: pop in from 5-9pm tonight for a buy-one-get-one deal on their classic or vegetarian-friendly tofu burgers.

To wash those down, Slow Boat's also offering two Spring brews newly on tap: Dragon’s Tongue Agave Wheat ("hazy straw yellow colored brew with a yeasty floral nose") + West Coast IPA ("a true PacNW style beer, with an in your face piney hoppiness").

So, get in there! Probably on the earlier side, if you want a seat. Beijing loves its Monday burger specials...



So, the good news: MIDI and INTRO are both happening this year. The bad: nowhere near where we live.

MIDI's traditional May 1-3 rock festival has finally been confirmed (just a few weeks in advance, mind you) at a festival grounds owned by the organizers near Taihu Lake in Suzhou. So... yeah. Not exactly close. But Suzhou's only a ~30 minute ride from Shanghai, and Shanghai's getting all the festivals, so if you're dead-set on May holiday outdoor rock'n'roll abandon, you might want to head south. Find a comprehensive guide to the SH fests at our sister site, SmartShanghai.

And really just piling it on: late last week, INTRO, the one May 1 festival that had been confirmed to be happening inside Beijing city limits, announced a last-minute venue change. Again. These guys just can't catch a break.

... Read on



SmartBeijing's noir movie month continues tonight on the big screen at Dada with a showing of Bogart-Astor crime noir classic The Maltese Falson (dir. John Huston, 1941).

"A private detective takes on a case that involves him with three eccentric criminals, a gorgeous liar, and their quest for a priceless statuette."

Come on down and see Sam Spade on the big screen. That's tonight at Dada. Free popcorn. Movie starts at 9pm. No entry fee.



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I tried this restaurant roughly 3 years ago, shortly after it opened and wanted to go back there to show my family the unique setting this restaurant enjoys. The last time our driver took over an hour to find it driving through the Beijing hutongs and making the experience even more mystical. Because of its fame it now makes it a lot easier to get there but still the drive through the 'real' Beijing continues to add to the experience. We were there on a busy Saturday night an [..read on]

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