If you're one of the tens of people in Beijing chomping at the bit to watch the Major League Baseball 2014 World Series, congratulations! That means you're an American, and our empire has not entirely crumbled yet! Also, you're in luck, because hutong Moroccan rum bistro Cu Ju is opening up at 8am tomorrow to show it live. Breakfast and drinks will be served, and Cu Ju will open early as long as the World Series is going.

Full schedule here.



If you didn't manage to make it to Lantern last weekend for their reopening party, here's some party pictures of the whole sordid affair. (Not really sordid.)

If you squint passed all the beautiful faces of people wilding out, there's a look at what the club looks like after renovations.

You're welcome?



New stuff from Bacatgon Projects, the motley crew behind those A.M. Brainstorms at The Other Place and the new multidisciplinary arts magazine Bajia. "Perceptions of Home" is a video documenting an event of the same name that Bactagon curated back in March, in which they occupied three floors of the Home Inn on Xiguan hutong with site-specific installations lasting 24 hours. "Gallery poetics in a nondescript hutong motel," they say. "Sounds real cool!", I say.

If you didn't make it out back in March, you can soak in a short recap — shot & cut by our sister site Creative Hunt's DJ Furth — right here.

ART / OCT 21


Shanghai's biggest music festival event of the year, the JZ International Festival, was last weekend in SH, and if you want to have a look at the event photos, click here.

Worth it solely to check out what Bootsie is wearing. He didn't disappoint.

We've got a bit of run-off from that here in Beijing, with a few of the featured performers at the festival making the trip up to tack on Beijing shows -- Marcus Miller is at Yugong tonight, if you want to pony up for door tickets. (300rmb at the door -- ouch). Starts 9:30pm.



This Sunday, popular vinyl shop, fRUITYSHOP is hosting the fourth installment of their "Beijing Records Day" series, with sundry heads from the city descending on the venue to meet up, trade stories, dig for records, and play some music. They've got a pretty great selection, with an emphasis on soul, funk, and disco. Good opportunity to meet fellow enthusiasts and maybe score a deal or two.

Runs 3pm to 9pm. No entry fee. Details here.



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New Bites: (The New) Mosto

SmartBeijing versus Mosto's new five-course, wine-paired tasting menu. I knew I graduated university for something...

Morgan Short

OCT 21, 2014



No shortage of live music this week. Here are two DIY affairs worth your attention: French freak folk duo Vialka + BJ Drunk Fest @ DMC


Five for Friday: Hashback Hashish from new Delhi YouTube-curates a mixtape ahead of his China tour kickoff tonight at Mako Livehouse...


Ahead of their anniversary shaker this weekend, here's a look at the new beers on tap at GLB. Now pouring: Three Door Tripel and more...

(Oct 17)

Lantern Rebirth at Lantern


8-Bit hosts a Mortal Kombat Tourney on the classic SNES. That's Mortal Kombat one, released back in 1992. 15rmb entry fee. Liquid prizes for the top three. Starts 10pm.
8-Bit, Oct 25

Dim Sum Disco 3-Year Anniversary Party

Beijing’s disco dons are back at Migas with cake and balloons. Join DJs Boflex, Crystal Bones, and special guest Bite Size Buddha for a night of celebration -- 3 years of...

Saisa - Live at Mao (JP)

Japanese post-rock band Saisa will be playing their second China tour this October following the release of their second album, And I will. Cover: 60rmb. Taste the goods....

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From the makers of LIV, Circle is a bottles-tables-models "lounge club" aimed squarely at your bank account. The focus is almost exclusively on table service, with phalanxes of wage-serfs catering to small fiefdoms of bottles, ice buckets, and glinting cellpho..

Featured Dining

Bao House

From popular and arty boutique hotel The Opposite House comes Beijing's first food truck concept. Traditional and modern takes on the popular Baozi and Mantou available...

"Cheap Chipotle in China"

jules on Lucky Lopez on Jun 14th

It's basically high-quality Chipotle in China, but cheaper. I spent 35 kuai on my lunch, and that's including 3 kuai for a water bottle. I think this is my new go to.

With our esteemed promotional partners, Enoterra, SmartBeijing is giving away a voucher valued at 230rmb, redemable at their bar/wine shop, for the best User Review every week. Go out, eat something, tell us something interesting about it, and the voucher's yours.

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  • JZ Festival Beijing

    Shanghai's largest international music festival, the JZ Festival, makes the trip up to Beijing with three world-class acts on three consecutive nights at Yugong.
  • The Legend of Kungfu

    The Legend of Kungfu -- A world famous production, the best Kungfu practitioners from all over China come to be a part of the Beijing show, a live theatrical Kungfu spectacular.
  • Ensiferum

    Ensiferum (meaning "sword bearer") are a Finnish heavy metal band from Helsinki. The members of the band label themselves as "heroic folk metal," which just sounds awesome. Part of the new wave of Scando acts that combine traditional folk elements an

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