Saturday, April 19 is International Record Store Day. Sweet! Do you buy records? Do you know what records are? They're these physical objects — some plastic, some vinyl — that contain music data. You can purchase them in like 300 stores worldwide. Here are some in Beijing:

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Oh hell yes: über-popular Sichuan snack shack Zhang Mama just opened a second location to accommodate the eternal crowd milling around outside, waiting for a table to open up at their tiny Fensiting hutong stall. Think they recently won an award in one of the expat rags for "Best Hutong Sichuan Restaurant at Which to Put In a Reservation Then Go Drink at El Nido For An Hour and a Half While You're Waiting to Get Seated." Maybe it was City Weekend.

Anyway, Zhang Mama II is now open at 76 Jiaodaokou Nan Dajie. It has two floors and a bathroom, and the same menu of high-quality, low-cost Sichuan eats. Rad. Gonna cop some boboji this weekend for sure.



Like the headline says: there's a whole lotta disco to be had this weekend in Beijing. And techno and house and all that too but I'm talking about the disco. First of all, local nu-disco authority Philipp Grefer — aka Metro Tokyo — is doing his first ever Lantern gig tonight. Headliner is "Leipzig deephouse-disco wunderkind" Good Guy Mikesh, who'll play a one-hour live set. He's joined by BJ techno vet Yang Bing and Boflex / Tobias Patrick of Dim Sum Disco.

Speaking of Dim Sum Disco — those dudes are really getting around this weekend. It's a disco craze. Disco fires raging in the hearts of Beijing dwellers far and wide (Gulou and Sanlitun basically)...

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Love rock music but hate commuting to the middle of fucking nowhere to watch rock music in a crowd of 10,000 people who don't even really love rock music all that much and you have to spend like 40 kuai on a warm can of Tsingdao? I have the solution! A few of the international bands coming through for the big rock'n'rolla festivals happening soonish are also playing smaller club gigs, so you barely even have to leave the 2nd ring to get a little taste. Nice! Here's what's on:

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Intelligentsia Gallery — one new meeting point for self-identifying hutong intellectuals in a post-HomeShop world — holds the opening party for their third exhibition this Sunday. Dialectical Territories is a group show focusing on the blurred lines between figurative vs abstract representation in landscape:

With artworks that range from photography, to painting and sculpture, the exhibition challenges the territorial boundaries that often stand between Landscapes and Abstraction in the realm of contemporary art. Because of their romantic implications these two concepts are usually presented in terms of contrast: Landscapes depicting contextual scenes versus abstraction as the dematerialization of the world around us. However, upon closer inspection, contemporary photography, painting and object-making have the capacity to transform each subject into its opposite, surrogating meaning and possible interpretations. Pure feeling becomes panoramic scenery, oblique cityscapes bands of colour and visual textures.

The opening event starts 4pm on Sunday, April 20. More info here.

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JJ China Tour

Ethereal Swedish gangster dream pop duo JJ play Beijing for the first time. Music is a frozen mix of hip hop, dream pop, and baleric beats. Tres chic. 150rmb pre-sales....

YEN White 2014

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Jian Club

Located in Sanlitun Soho, Jian Club is an archery range plus cocktails bar. Yes, weapons and alcohol -- what could go wrong with that? It's 120rmb an hour for non-members to use their range, and on the drinks side of things, cocktails are around 40rmb...

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Palms is a one-room hutong restaurant specializing in Californian cuisine, which is to say Korean-Mexican fusion. Expect the snacks and meals of the two countries fused up in a playful and innovative array of flavors and presentations -- kimchi quesadillas, ko..

"Dependable and varied menu"

Doug_Ray on Annie's (Sanlitun) on Jan 22nd

I must order Annie's about three times a week. They provide the best food for value for money. If you can't afford splashing out at the higher end Western restaurants but are tired of local hole-in-the-walls, Annie's has you sorted. I've been all over their pasta section and like the chicken and bacon one the best. Pizzas are not bad either. It's probably not the most "authentic" Italian food -- it's pretty "localized" -- but the prices are great.

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  • Le Noir

    Acrobats and some of the world's top cirque performers at this colorful three-night show down at the Workers Gymnasium.
  • Fleshgod Apocalypse

    Epic Italian technical death metal band Fleshgod Apocalypse bring the evil wizardry to China on their first tour.
  • The Legend of Kungfu

    The Legend of Kungfu -- A world famous production, the best Kungfu practitioners from all over China come to be a part of the Beijing show, a live theatrical Kungfu spectacular.
  • Strawberry Music Festival 2014

    Modern Sky's annual Strawberry Music Festival is back and bigger than ever. Seven stages, three days, about a zillion bands.
  • X Nights Festival

    X Nights, a three-day "non-mainstream music festival," kicks off with an eclectic lineup featuring French improv duo Ligne de Front, Manuel Hermia's jazz trio, Vialka's Eric Boros, and local electro-folk crooner Djang San on April 10 at Yugong Yishan
  • YEN White

    YEN WHITE is back and promising to bigger and brighter than ever in this, their 10th year of hosting events. For 2014 the White Party heads to Tango, with an all-girl DJ line up playing tunes from electro and disco to tech house
  • Children of Bodom

    The first name in symphonic melodic death metal, legacy Finish band Children of Bodom return to China for the first time since 2009.
  • The Black Dahlia Murder

    Michigan metal band The Black Dahlia Murder embark on their first China tour, bringing the new sound of heavy music to the masses.
  • Eluveitie

    Swiss folk metal band Eluveitie bring their idiosyncratic mix of traditional Celtic folk, replete with traditional instrumentation, and hard rock / Gothenburg-style heavy metal.
  • Great Wall Music Festival 2014

    The Great Wall Festival brings some of the biggest names in electronic music to China's most well-known landmark, the Great Wall.
  • Igor Tchkotoua (Pig & Dan)

    Footprint is back at Lantern, hosting in Igor Tchkotouao, one half of tech house duo Pig & Dan.

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