Post-APEC, we're back to music festival business as usual: international industry mixer / multi-site live music showcase Dong Dong is back next week for its second edition. 11 gigs featuring 30 artists, crammed into four venues across four days (next Wednesday-Saturday). The marquee acts are all at Yugong Yishan, with parallel happenings in the more intimate space of DDC and late-night tip afterparties at Dada.

Lots to choose from. You can check the full program here, and come back on Monday for a Soundcloud-annotated breakdown of the major players. In the mean time, Dong Dong's offering an all-access pre-sale ticket for 400rmb right here. 400 kuai for eleven gigs... not bad!



Bell-Tower-proximal pseudo-Daoist temple Zajia Lab has been on a roll with the alternative film screenings lately. This Sunday, they host current Red Gate artist-in-residence Nurit Sharett, who will present her feature-length documentary, The Sun Glows Over the Mountains:

"Nurit, a granddaughter of Moshe Sharett, retells the story of the aliya of her great-grandfather in 1882, and reviews the political philosophy of her grandfather, who spent two years of his childhood in an Arab village north of Ramallah, and who as an Israeli leader championing peace was ousted from his position of foreign minister because of his opposition to the initiation of the 1956 Sinai War."

Sharett — who's at Red Gate via an award her video work garnered at last year's Videobrasil Contemporary Arts Festival — will be on hand to parse the layered social, political, and personally resonant meanings embedded in the hour-long work. 30rmb at the door, 6pm start. Seating's limited, so RSVP by calling 156 0112 2252. More info in the listing.

ART / NOV 21


If you were hoping to get your daily dose, as you will, of "Shaq Soda" -- the only (probably) soda libation to boast the name, visage, and endorsement of legend basketball player and the greatest actor of his generation Shaquille O'Neal -- the one convenience store that sells it at No. 8 in Ju'er Hutong has gone out of business. No idea why. We'll let you know if we find somewhere else that has it.

That is all. Turn out the lights when you leave...



Good news, broody dudes: Danish post-punk heartthrobs Iceage are finally creeping East, hitting China early in the 2015. The band established near-instant underground cred with their 2011 debut, New Brigade, and have successfully extended said cred across two follow-ups, most recent being this year's cheerless slowburner Plowing Into the Field of Love. Though they've crossed the Atlantic a few times to build their name in the States, this will be their first time in China, presumably part of a larger Asia bid.

Iceage plays Yuyintang in Shanghai on January 9 and Mao Live in Beijing on Jan 10. Sick. Openers & ticket prices TBA, stay tuned...



Just a little reminder, if you were interested in trying out that new oyster restaurant Cpearl, tonight is the night to do it and save some cash. Every Wednesday, they run a dozen oyster special for 218rmb. That's like... waaaaaay cheaper than it usually is.

Read all about it right here.



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New Eats: Cafe FLO

Brasserie FLO offshoot Cafe FLO opens up in Parkview Green. Classic French cafe dining in the midst of a little high-end materialism.

Morgan Short

NOV 21, 2014



Portable alchemy from Más. SmartBeijing tests out these new Cocktails-in-a-Bottle that are popping up around town...

ART / NOV 20

This week in DIY, alternative-art-world hutong happenings: brand new collective TRIA PRIMA debuts on Sunday afternoon @ Dashilar...


Goku Uma Japanese Restaurant opens up on Jaodaokou Nan. Here's a look inside and a tour of their menu. Lots and lots of sushi...

(Nov 15)

PENG Label Party at The Bar at Migas

The GREAT British Online Film Festival

In celebration of the inaugural GREAT British Online Film Festival, the British Embassy Beijing will be hosting a series of film screening events in partnership with Meridian...
Meridian Space, Daily until Dec 7

Italian Aperitivo

Snazzy art bar Entourage hosts an Italian Aperitivo event running 7pm to 10pm. 100rmb with reservations; 120rmb for walk-ups. Buffet spread with two glasses of wine.
Entourage, Nov 27

James Zabiela (Born Electric)

Decks and beatz Jedi James Zabiela rocking Club 5f. His recent stuff runs in the tech house vein, mixed with a bedrock appreciation for breakbeats. 150rmb cover. Starts 10pm.
5.f, Nov 27

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Featured Nightlife

Panda Brew

After bouncing around to a few different locations Beijing brewers Panda Brew opens up a mammoth new brew pub in Beixinqiao. Straight-ahead local brew inspired by an international selection of beers...

Featured Dining

The (New) Mosto

Nali patio staple Mosto reemerges with a brand new look, some new drinks, and a new food menu. Prices are more affordable; vibe more laid-back. For something a bit more lavish, try out the tasting menu. Welcome back, Mosto...

"Pricey but really tasty"

SamuelGreen on The Corner Melt on Nov 13th

I've been here a couple of times, having 2 different sandwiches and they're really tasty. The bread is toasted to perfection and the fillings are both inventive and delicious (I've had the Marshall Melt and the Midwest Melt). I was even skeptical about tomato soup for dipping but it worked! I have absolutely no qualms about recommending The Corner Melt for its food. My only issue is the price. Perhaps it's a comparative thing but I feel it's a bit gui for what you get. [..read on]

With our esteemed promotional partners, Enoterra, SmartBeijing is giving away a voucher valued at 230rmb, redemable at their bar/wine shop, for the best User Review every week. Go out, eat something, tell us something interesting about it, and the voucher's yours.

Web Designer @ Flow, Beijing

Fulltime at flow.asia
Nov 17

Family English Teacher

Fulltime at Warm Heart English
Nov 12

Native-English Speaking Intern

Internship / Parttime at Edelman
Nov 7

Marketing Trainee

Fulltime at O-Marketing
Oct 30

Assistant/Associate Professor - 3D..

Fulltime at New York Institute of Technology
Oct 28

Assistant/Associate Professor - Co..

Fulltime at New York Institute of Technology
Oct 28

Italian fashion designers needed f..

Freelance / Project at O-Marketing
Oct 24


  • Ensiferum

    Ensiferum (meaning "sword bearer") are a Finnish heavy metal band from Helsinki. The members of the band label themselves as "heroic folk metal," which just sounds awesome. Part of the new wave of Scando acts that combine traditional folk elements an
  • The Raveonettes

    White hot Danish alt garage two-piece The Raveonettes play Beijing. Two part vocal harmonies that will shake you to your very core. Dirty garage rock to shake everything else to. They're in town behind their latest album, "In and Out of Control", rip
  • The Drums

    Making their Beijing debut indie pop band The Drums, straight outa Brooklyn, are slated to be with us here in Beijing at Tango. A critically acclaimed and world-traveled band, their latest is fraught with "taut, spindly guitar lines, liberal sprinkl
  • 3 Years with FOOTPRINT

    House and tech crew FOOTPRINTS celebrate three years of parties and events all over China. One of the most dedicated crews in Beijing, making their mark. For their anniversary, FOOTPRINT is back at their home base Lantern for an underground dance pa
  • The Legend of Kungfu

    The Legend of Kungfu -- A world famous production, the best Kungfu practitioners from all over China come to be a part of the Beijing show, a live theatrical Kungfu spectacular.

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