Beijingers, if you were planning on heading down to Shanghai to catch the Lenny Kravitz concert hitherto scheduled for March 21, bad news: it's canceled. According to the promoters, there was a scheduling conflict with another Lenny Kravitz concert somewhere else.

Kravitz, evidently, didn't want to tempt the laws of physics to be in two places at once, thereby possibly triggering some sort of Lenny Kravitzian black hole quantum singularity that would fold in and implode on itself, erasing all life as we know it.

Hey, I don't know what I'm blabbing on about... it's Friday, whatever.

But yeah. Kravitz in Shanghai, meiyou. Bummer? I guess? I'm Ron Burgundy?

In an unrelated tragic development, Pitbull's Beijing and Shanghai concerts are, as of this writing, proceeding as planned.



Smashing headlines in "breaking news that is sweet", London-based, Fat Possum-signed indie rock band Yuck has some shows in China booked for April.

April, yeah, that's not for a while yet, but still: right on, right? Fuckin' eh, this a great band.

Confirmed via their Facebooks, Yuck has a show for April 2 at Yugong in Beijing and on April 3 at the QSW Culture Center in Shanghai. Don't know how much tickets are (between one and 1,000rmb, wild guess) or where to get 'em, but we'll let you know.

Here's a good song by them... but this whole album is pretty damn fine anyways.

Yuck! Yes!



Closing out February, and symbolically propelling us forward into Spring, Comedy Club China takes over 4Corners tomorrow (Sat Feb 28) for a long night of laughs. 串 Wars: "A long time ago, in a hutong far, far away (from Sanlitun or Wudaokou), six comedians rose up against the evils of boredom to entertain the good people of 4corners bar. And if you’ll forgive the awkward switch of tenses, February 28th will see a night of warp-speed whimsy as host Lincoln van der Westhuizen presents sets from Jonny Whinna, Tony Chou, Casey Mizzone, Riley Hageman, Gus Tate, Nigel Tu, and others."

Warp-speed whimsy! Doors at 7, show starts at 8. Tickets are 50rmb a pop and will likely sell out on the night — reserve one here. More info in the listing.



A couple of venues around town are back open -- like beautiful damn butterflies -- after spending some time in the renovations cocoon. First up is baffling spaceship nightclub Circle, which is reopening on Sunday night after spending a month or so refurb'ing the place a bit and hiring a few more resident DJs. Here's a picture.

Meanwhile, across town, pretty-good-bar-that-you-drink-at-sometimes Beiluo Bread Bar is back open. They've fixed up the inside a bit, evidently, but everything else is the same. We'll head down there sometime soonish to confirm said conjecture. We need the facts, people.

Incidentally, I've been trying to shoehorn the line "time is a flat circle" into this post but it didn't end up working out for me. Let's just pretend that I pulled it off.



Bi-coastal US foodie mag Lucky Peach has just published a guest feature by the editors of Beijing's bi-lingual foodie mag, The Cleaver Quarterly. The article's entitled "The Guide to Chinese Dumplings", and it is exactly that. Huh, that gigantic crab soup dumpling I accidentally ordered in Suzhou over the break is a 灌汤包: "Native to Jiangsu Province, these giant versions of xiao long bao each occupy an entire bamboo steamer (about the circumference of a large coffee mug); a straw is poked into the dime-sized 'eye' of the knot of dough on top, through which one drinks the hot porky soup within. Given the size of these dumplings, the dough wrapper is far from delicate; in fact, guan tang bao skins tend to be as leathery as a catcher’s mitt."

I thought it was just a tourist novelty. The more you know!

Learn everything about Chinese dumplings — or just torture yourself if you're hungry / not in China — here.



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