Take one minute of your day to watch this cool video promoting Chinese online learning platform Zihua. The Zihua crew teamed up with a bunch of progressive Beijing tech creative types to make this charming short, which is a combination of stop-motion animation and 3D printing magic. The zoom-out at the end gives a glimpse of the whole creative process, including the aforementioned 3D printers, and even the electro-guqin soundtrack being composed by ubiquitous music guys Meng Qi and Jordan Mitchell. Neat!

Click-through: "Unbox Yourself"

ART / OCT 24


Warming up the grey months, Meridian Space hosts an Autumn film & music festival in its space from tonight (October 24) until November 16. There will be movies, there will be concerts, there will be "movie concerts." This one sounds pretty damn good:

November 1: Jacopo Baboni Schilingi and Meng Qi will combine their analog and digital music-making witchcraft to accompany the screening of some of the world's most ancient science-fiction movies ever made: The Mechanical Man (1921), Frankenstein (1910), A Trip to the Moon (1902) and Paris Asleep (1925).

Another highlight is a digital music composition workshop, mostly oriented to teaching kids how to make music in their iPads. The instructor is some big deal expert who holds the title: Professor of Digital Creation at the Conservatory of Montbéliard. Sounds legit!

Check the full program of Meridian's Music & Film Mini Fest in the listing.



Hey weirdy beardy, there will be a get-together of bearded men discussing bearded men issues on November 2 and Great Leap Brewery # 12. We're telling you this a bit early so you've got a little time in advance to plan your growth cycles and whatnot.

Plus bearded men tend to have pretty damn full social calendars, eh.

Anyway, on the docket will be discussions on grooming and growth tips, maintenance and up-keep...um... I don't know... bearded men in the news? Popular bearded men of history? Maybe. Who knows. But plenty of general glad-handing and backslapping between dudes with beard, that's for sure.

It's at noon on Sunday. Also available: discounted tickets for GLB's massive International Invitation Beer Festival in November. So get on that.

Details here.



Beijing's largest gaming convention, Khan Kon, is this weekend at Starmoon Hotel. Kind of an appropriate place, I suppose. But yeah, board games to RPGs, dice, cards, whatever, they're playing it for two days October 25 and October 26. The centerpiece to the whole thing is a big Magic: The Gathering tournament.

Yes, that's right. A big Magic: The Gathering tournament.

All the details right here. Good opportunity to try some new games, play some old games, meet new people, get out of your basement....



Bundle up: Beijing Creatives is hosting its latest elbow-rub meetup tonight at C5 Art in Sanlitun. Four speakers will give capped 10-minute presentations on topics that are all super creative. Lineup is photojournalist Gilles Sabrie, BBDO adman Phillipp Cerny, jewelry designer Hannah Ren, and artist Shoucca (not really sure what she does but seems big on Instagram).

The talks will be held outdoors, so wear something warm. Runs from 7-9pm, no entry fee. Full info.

ART / OCT 22


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From the makers of LIV, Circle is a bottles-tables-models "lounge club" aimed squarely at your bank account. The focus is almost exclusively on table service, with phalanxes of wage-serfs catering to small fiefdoms of bottles, ice buckets, and glinting cellpho..

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"Cheap Chipotle in China"

jules on Lucky Lopez on Jun 14th

It's basically high-quality Chipotle in China, but cheaper. I spent 35 kuai on my lunch, and that's including 3 kuai for a water bottle. I think this is my new go to.

With our esteemed promotional partners, Enoterra, SmartBeijing is giving away a voucher valued at 230rmb, redemable at their bar/wine shop, for the best User Review every week. Go out, eat something, tell us something interesting about it, and the voucher's yours.

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