Beijing indie rock scene darlings Carsick Cars have just announced their second European tour, following up on their breakout jaunt trailing Sonic Youth around the old country in 2007. Doing something a bit different this time around, though. Frontman Zhang Shouwang explains: "We'll kick off our tour at MIDEM in Cannes on June 6th. One week later, we have a set date in Paris. But between those two, we have no fixed plan, we're all yours! If enough of you can pledge for us to play in a specific place, we will go there."

Yeah, they're crowdsourcing their tour itinerary via Gigdiving, a relatively new, boutique Kickstarter-like web app for touring bands. Works like this: the band throws out a few potential cities to play — CSC's chosen Utrecht, Amsterdam, and Eindhoven — and a minimum ticket price (6 Euros in this case). If you want the band to play in your city, you pledge to pay the ticket price or more. Highest-bidding cities get the band. (Backers from losing cities aren't charged, of course.)

So it's basically speculative pre-sale tickets? Tour hedge betting? Seems like a cool idea, curious if it will work in practice.

In any case, if you live in Europe and really want Carsick Cars to grace your local stage: click here.



... or is it "Street Kidz" with a z? No matter, we're pressing on.

Here's photos of last weekend Street Kidzsz five-year anniversary party at Migas. Looks like good times had by all.

Congrats to them. Congrats to you. Congrats to us all.



Well, one of those things anyway. On Sunday afternoon, Juice By Melissa is hosting a Spring Cleaning swap. Bring excess clothing and accessories to their Sanlitun shop and pick up new duds in exchange. Or just leave them there as a donation.

Hang around for JBM's special cold-pressed juice Mimosas and Bloody Marys. As these contain booze, they won't actually cleanse you. Kind of the opposite. But what's the point of detox without a little retox?

Runs from 1-6pm. More info in the listing.



Rumors have been circulating about this for a while now, but it's just now been made official via Wechat proclamation: Beijing-based record label / festival brand / music industry gangsters Modern Sky have announced a massive new plan for nationwide live music domination. It's called Modernsky Lab, and it's basically a combination music production workspace / live venue nestled in that garish postmodern Galaxy Soho thing out by Chaoyangmen.

The official details, from the horse's mouth, are thus:

... Read on



So, let's try this again. Gulou art deco favorite Modernista is -- FOREAL THIS TIME -- opening this Saturday, having hitherto been shuttered for the past few months to renovate and expand.

Foreal this time. (Probably.) (It's extremely likely.)

Saturday. Modernista. They're hosting in the lovely gals of Moonglow Burlesque to perform, as well as other special guests, DJs, drinks deals, plenty of shots, and more, more, more.



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