When it rains it pours. On top of the axed Kawabata Makoto show, it seems like hardcore die-hards Bane will also be unable to perform in Beijing this week. Word on the street: the band didn't (or couldn't) secure their visas in time for their China dates, and the PRC section of their tour has been scrapped.

This one's an even bigger shame as the Worcester, Mass outfit, scheduled to perform in Beijing on Saturday, is on a farewell tour, capping off their 20-plus-year career fighting the good fight in hardcore music.

Bane, incidentally, have toured China before so perhaps the blame for them not being able to secure visas in time lies elsewhere than with the fuzz for this one...



Some shit news to start your week off. Acid Mothers Temple founder Kawabata Makoto and KK Null will not be able to perform in Beijing at XP on Friday as was previously planned. Word is from the promoters, it seemed the venue got a call from the authorities who reminded them that Makoto's a member of a "banned band" (Acid Mothers Temple) and therefore wouldn't be able to secure approval to play in China.

On top of that, authorities reportedly turned up in person to the venue, XP, to emphasize the aforementioned, and now the whole show's been cancelled.

Score one for peace, harmony, and stability.



"A promising young drummer enrolls at a cut-throat music conservatory where his dreams of greatness are mentored by an instructor who will stop at nothing to realize a student's potential."

Look at that picture of Schillinger just ripping into some poor kid.

Oscar bait on the big screen at Dada tonight as, SmartBeijing screens Whiplash, the first in our month-long series of Monday films dealing with drums, drumming, and drummers.

Whiplash -- supposed to be good! Tonight! Dada! No entry fee! 9pm start! Free popcorn!



Ladies and gentlemen, start your crockpots: Great Leap has just opened up the ranks for amateur broilers to apply to compete in their fourth annual Chili Cook-Off. They say: "Chefs of Beijing, both amateur and seasoned, we are now accepting applicants for our 4th Annual Back Alley Chili Cook Off, April 11th at GLB Original #6. Prospective competitors, fire us an e-mail explaining why your chili will be insanely awesome, and we'll let you know if you've impressed us enough to be one of our 15 competitors."

Email them here if you got the heat to compete. If you're in it just to eat, it'll be 150rmb for entry, which includes a sampler of all 15 chilis, two brews, and voting rights. More info here. And click here to check our professional report from last year's chili-off, or just to admire the Beards of Beijing.



Been lean times for live music for the last ten days or so, but the thaw begins tonight at XP. Local promoter O.U.R kicks off the Ram Year with an indoor showcase of some old and new faces on the Beijing rock'n'roll scene. Go hard on the one-day weekend with live music from Mr. Honey, Chinese Modern Guys, Gum Bleed, White+, and former Rustic frontman Lucifer. According to a recent Weibo proclamation, Lucifer has quit Rustic (again) and decided to double down on his solo act, which is a nice mix of guitar singer/songwriter stuff and clarinet solos. No joke.

All this rock can be had tonight from 8:30pm for the low price of 60rmb. Click here for full info, and to take a gander at the exceptional flyer. Looks like two dudes hanging outside Mao Live on any given Friday night got transformed into centaurs with a guitar fetish. Pretty sweet.



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