Assuming you'll freak responsibly enough tomorrow night to get out of bed at a decent hour on Saturday: current IFP resident Maurice Bogaert and Chinese artist He An will give an afternoon talk on the topic of Harmony or Disruption - Installation Art as Spatial Condenser:

In recent years installation art has gone from being sculptural interventions in space to becoming total integrated environments which aim to change our common perception of space. Works by contemporary artists such as Mike Nelson, Thomas Saraceno and Olafur Eliasson invite the public to experience space that is modified through either subtle means such as repetition or reproduction to new configurations and materials which open up a new physical awareness.

Each artists' presentation will be followed by a discussion moderated by architect and IFP program director Max Gerthel. More info on that one here.

Also: IFP is currently recruiting their next crop of residents. Specifically, they're looking for "visual artists, architects and designers, based in Sweden or with a strong connection to the Swedish art scene" working with the theme of "public space in China." There are two residency periods open: August 15-November 15, and September 15-December 15. Find more info + apply (by tomorrow!) here.

ART / OCT 30


The Hutong Yellow Weasels are back from a bit of a break from the Beijing fiddlin' and foot-stomping scene, back tonight hosting a "West Virginia Barn Dance" tonight at Mako Livehouse. Traditional line and square dancing to Appalachian fiddle tunes is on the agenda, with dance callers Nathan Paul and Chris Hawke leading the charge.

Fun way to enjoy a little old timey Americana and kick off your Halloween weekend. Details here. 50rmb cover. Starts 9pm.



If the Music Monday and yesterday's roundup didn't provide enough Halloween events for you to get into, you have a problem, dude. Also, here's an extra one: tonight, the Bookworm hosts a collection of Beijing-based authors who'll be reading their original ghost fictions. The organizers say:

Each piece in this eclectic mix of short works will offer a different take on the phantasmal. The results may be macabre, humorous, bone chilling, experimental, grotesque, life affirming, or whatever else the mad scientist lab of the writer’s brain can concoct.

I hope they're all prefaced with, "Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society..." That would be so cool.

Tonight, 7:30pm, 50rmb. More info here.



Concert promoter types Split Works have released a date, location, and cover price for the impending Dan Deacon show here in Beijing: December 6. Mao Livehouse. 120 beans pre-sale, 140 at the door.

So there you go. A little cathartic, euphoric live electronica for Christmas. Sweatin' in the winter time. Here's a refresher.



Some new stuff on the party photos reel for you to look at if you want. Steve Bro-oki was in town a few weekends back to throw cake on people and douse their gaping maws in vodka. Have a look at that right here. Meanwhile, across town, BEME Night I was at Dada bar and featured a rare club venue performance from FM3, amongst other esoteric offerings. Have a look at that right here.

Looking damn fine, Beijing. Don't change a thing.



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MUUUAahahhaha. Blarg. Bluuaahh! Here'e a bunch of stuff you can get drunk at this Friday night, Halloween night, in Beijing! Scary!


Halloween! When the masks go on our true selves are revealed. Get Fake Evil this Friday with some of Satan's fav tunes... (no dubstep)

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Sinotronics presents: BEME III at Dada

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From the makers of LIV, Circle is a bottles-tables-models "lounge club" aimed squarely at your bank account. The focus is almost exclusively on table service, with phalanxes of wage-serfs catering to small fiefdoms of bottles, ice buckets, and glinting cellpho..

Featured Dining

Bao House

From popular and arty boutique hotel The Opposite House comes Beijing's first food truck concept. Traditional and modern takes on the popular Baozi and Mantou available...

"Cheap Chipotle in China"

jules on Lucky Lopez on Jun 14th

It's basically high-quality Chipotle in China, but cheaper. I spent 35 kuai on my lunch, and that's including 3 kuai for a water bottle. I think this is my new go to.

With our esteemed promotional partners, Enoterra, SmartBeijing is giving away a voucher valued at 230rmb, redemable at their bar/wine shop, for the best User Review every week. Go out, eat something, tell us something interesting about it, and the voucher's yours.

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Oct 16


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    The Legend of Kungfu -- A world famous production, the best Kungfu practitioners from all over China come to be a part of the Beijing show, a live theatrical Kungfu spectacular.

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