Solid 2014 for Beijing-based foodie print rag The Cleaver Quarterly. Since launching online around this time last year and raising a bunch of dough on Kickstarter this April, the Cleaver team has hosted a handful of memorable events and — perhaps most crucially — established their culinary bona fides in the critical tour-de-force that was this year's inaugural Shitburger Cup.

They also printed some magazines! Scuttling in over the 2014 finish line is Cleaver ish 3, which packs some pretty egregious puns right there in the ToC:

Bun Intended: From Momofuku to Melbourne, Minette Yao charts the rise of bao

Duck Duck Choose: In China, fowl play isn't just Peking duck

The Buckwheat Stops Here: A winter warmer that puts the tea in toddy

Killing it! I'd say they're giving us a run for our money but we cover Western food in China so it's kind of the opposite. The Cleaver Quarterly issue three should be flying around its usual Beijing distro spots by now (The Bookworm, The Orchid, Temple Restaurant) but you can also order one up to go right here.



Here's a late-2014 entry from one of the year's biggest up-and-comers: Swallow by Howie Lee. In this three-track EP, Mr. Lee eschews some of the more bash-you-over-the-head post-trap bangingness of his earlier work (like this year's Borderless Shadows) for more subtle, thoughtful, nuanced dancefloor traverses. Peppering his own vibe with that juke and footwork stuff the kids down in Shanghai like so much.

Indeed, Swallow is the latest dispatch from the southern SVBKVLT label, their second one this year I think. The EP comes packaged in some super creepy vaguely futuristic 3D render art by Cheeri Wang, that's how SVBKVLT rolls. Scope that and listen to Swallow right here. And if you're into that, take an extra beat to check SVBKVLT's earlier entry from this year, S L V - Moss.



If you're already thinking beyond the holidays, here's our "Movie Monday" schedule for January at Dada. Organized by our in-house (over the internet) cinophile Maya Rudolph, January two-oh-one-five is going to be all about gettin' girls to the front:

"From the Desk of Mr. Lady: tales of riot grrls, punk girls, girls who want to be punks but don’t know where to start, girls who are DIY-ed in the wool punks but are trying not to be, girls who want to tell stories about other girls who are punks, rebel girls, trouble girls, girls who know exactly what they’re doing…get off the internet and get your ass to Dada."

Indeed, this is gnarly.

Click on the jump for the full rundown. As always, we're at Dada bar with a movie every Monday night from 9pm. No entry fee. Free popcorn. Ample booze available for purchase....

... Read on



If you're Christmas season is missing a little WOBWOBWOB BOOM BLAHH KEERR &%(#YY208ngf4 NNN TSST, WOBWOB, hey, click on through for bass platform The Syndicate's December podcast. Therein ye shall find some work from local producers OSHI and Bloodzboi -- music in the idiom of "Nerobass and Footwork".

Presents for your ears for this holiday season...



In addition to all these sufficiently rocking rock shows you can attend in the near future, here's another one to consider: folk scene stalwart Jianghu's 8th anniversary weekend. They're doing two nights of live music with numerous genres represented by local players -- rock, blues, folk, funk, and then some. Gets going at 9pm on both Friday at Saturday with tickets costing you 50rmb per day or 80rmb for both.

Click here to have a look at the line-up.



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Perusing the Winter menu at sandwich shack The Corner Melt. They've got a bunch of new cheesey creations on the menu, as well as treats and booze...

(Dec 12)

The Boiler Room feat. Thris Tian at The Bar at Migas

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"Pricey but really tasty"

SamuelGreen on The Corner Melt on Nov 13th

UPDATE: You now get some Tater Tots with your sandwich, which helps with the portion size a little ;) I've been here a couple of times, having 2 different sandwiches and they're really tasty. The bread is toasted to perfection and the fillings are both inventive and delicious (I've had the Marshall Melt and the Midwest Melt). I was even skeptical about tomato soup for dipping but it worked! I have absolutely no qualms about recommending The Corner Melt for its food. My [..read on]

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