File under "fairly fucked up things to do to earn food vouchers": beloved alcoholic/sloth-enabling food delivery service Sherpa's is holding a Back to School contest for the month of September, and it's pretty weird! The prizes are Sherpa's vouchers (1,000rmb for first place, 500 for second, 250 for third). Here's the part of your soul you'll have to hack off to win:

"After two months of summer holidays, we're sure you're ready for a break... from parenting. It's back to school time and we're celebrating with the 'Sherpa's A Kid Contest'! Take a Sherpa's-related picture with a child and send it to competition@sherpa.com.cn or as a comment to the contest blog post at blog.sherpa.com.cn. Dress the kid up like a Sherpa's courier, have him/her pose with a courier, Photoshop a Sherpa's themed eagle holding him/her in its talons, it doesn't even have to be your actual kid."

We're pretty sure that if you had kids you'd be reading the Beijinger and not us, so yeah: secretly photograph somebody else's child, photoshop him/her into a delivery person's uniform, and send that to a company that will use it for an ad or something to get a free month of Mexican food delivery! (pause)

Contest runs from September 1-30.



That time of month again: wake up early on Saturday, August 23 for the latest edition of 8actagon's A.M. Brainstorms. This time around, the self-moderated back & forth features multimedia artist, animator, and writer Chen Xi in conversation with illustrator, animator, and comic book author Zejian Shen. Topic is "Creative Pastures: The Influence of Cultural Milieu on Artistic Development," so they'll be discussing questions surrounding artists of the same generation and similar media growing up in different creative cultures.

Read the full curatorial brief here. No entry fee, runs from 11am-12pm. More info in the listing.

ART / AUG 21


If you've been searching for a way to tell a special someone, "You're kinda gross but I still love you," I just found you the perfect gift. Dutch designer Daan Roosegaarde, as part of his Smog Free Project, is now churning out rings (partially) made out of Beijing pollution. This is part of a larger strategy for air quality control and pollution reduction: Roosegaarde has also developed an electrostatic smog "vacuum cleaner" and has reportedly been in talks with the mayor of Beijing to implement said mad scientist device in our fair city. But still... smog rings.

So yeah, Roosegaarde is building his modular smog hoover system over a three-year period in a 40x40 meter patch of Beijing. Rad. I will move near that. Read all about the Smog Free Project over at Roosegaarde's website and his specific Beijing initiatives (which are tied to Beijing Design Week, naturally), here.



We're now hitting the next wave of big-tent outdoor music festivals, just in time for the end of summer. You have no shortage of options for grasslands and Great Wall-adjacent spots to soak in some tunes within a one-hour radius of Beijing — more on all that here. But maybe you want to get out of town, to a more exotic locale, while you can still squeeze a few drops out of the summer sun. Enter the Donghai Music Festival, which is coming up next weekend. This one goes down in a place called Zhujiajian, which is a tiny island on the furthest-out tip of an archipelago stretching east from mainland Zhejiang. Here's a Google Translate of their pitch:

"August, sweat in the sun, running free in the sea breeze, the liberation of your body in the music, jumped into the sea spread to wild, like a child, you can pile a sand sculpture on the beach, you can also play barefoot Ah beach volleyball... Throw away the mask, breathe. Sea breeze with a little bit salty taste, look overlooking the sparkling blue sea, like the sun crumple planted powder."

Sounds pretty good. Also there's this famous Buddhist mountain just one island to the north. Music-wise it's a mostly folk-oriented roster, including Song Dongye, Moxi, Wan Xiaoli, and US singer-songwriter Jess Meider. Also a bit of an edge to the lineup via Beijing garage punk trio Subs and Macau nü-metal unit Blademark.

Donghai Music Festival goes down from Friday, August 29-Sunday, August 31. Tickets are 260rmb for a three-day pass, or 100rmb per day when ordered online. Grip here.



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A peak inside the new location for Pinotage (Sanlitun) -- A much nicer environment in which to sup liberally of red wine and meat.


Shit's about to get out of hand... here's just the facts on the next few festivals swing through Beijing in the next little while.


August finishes strong for fans of the fast & fierce with two weekends of punk & hardcore fests pulling together Mainland, HK, and TW

(Aug 16)

Dada Beijing Two-Year Anniversary at Dada

Housing Legends: M.A.N.D.Y.

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It's basically high-quality Chipotle in China, but cheaper. I spent 35 kuai on my lunch, and that's including 3 kuai for a water bottle. I think this is my new go to.

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    Shanghai's largest international music festival, the JZ Festival, makes the trip up to Beijing with three world-class acts on three consecutive nights at Yugong.

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