Beijing-based documentarian and Hot & Cold half Joshua Frank has a new video doc up on China File, an edifying ~10-minute break from whatever you're doing now. Collecting Insanity is a brief look at a surreal piece of material-cultural display in rural Sichuan: "Frank tours the Jianchuan Museum Cluster, of Fan Jianchuan, an ex-official and real estate magnate, in the town of Anren, near Chengdu. The group of exhibits, named after Fan himself, display their owner’s collection of millions of historical artifacts, gathered over a lifetime of obsessive accumulation. Fan’s museum displays objects from various historical events, including the officially memorialized Sino-Japanese War and the far more taboo fallout of the 2008 Sichuan earthquake."

Watch Collecting Insanity here.



The weather's finally nice... get out tomorrow afternoon to check out a bunch of rad art events happening. Curator talks, "hair-themed snacks", urban flux photography, and a psychedelic supergroup invades UCCA.

All of these are happening in the afternoon / early evening of Saturday, September 20:

... Read on

ART / SEP 19


Meridian Space is continuing their pretty on-point Cinema Club screening series this month by showing three classic heist pictures. 'Three Heists' kicks off tonight with Kubrick's 1956 debut feature, The Killing:

"A veteran criminal (Sterling Hayden) is planning one last heist before settling down. In order to rob million from a local racetrack, he assembles a team consisting of a corrupt cop, a betting window teller, a sharpshooter, a wrestler, and a track bartender. But the plan suffers when the wife of one of Hayden’s subordinates tries to cut herself (and her lover) in on the payoff."

This one put Kubrick on the map and was the main inspiration for Quentin Tarantino's 1992 debut, Reservoir Dogs. Meridian's showing that one next week. Find the full 'Three Heists' screening schedule in the listing.



Getting older: it's the new thing. Celebrating birthdays this weekend are Maybe Mars, turning seven years old with a show Friday night at Yugong. If the one last year is anything to go on expect a packed house. On stage is The Yours in from HK (a newer addition to the fold, they're also kicking out a new album on the night), White+, Murmur, and Birdstriking. Details here. Meanwhile, at the other end of the spectrum, also on Friday is Yen's anniversary, which usually manage to draws half the city out. Lights, lasers, action. SmartTicket has your advance tickets, if you want to go.

On Saturday night, Yugong Yishan itself also turns ten with a huge line-up of Beijing bands: Re-TROS, Carsick Cars, WHAI, and a few others playing earlier in the night, and a few legacy Beijing DJs taking over after for more of a dance thing. 100 beans at the door. Details here.

Everyone's turning 10. 2004 must have been a hell of a year. You've peaked Beijing! You've peaked!



Kind of an interesting one on tonight if you're looking to start your weekend off early. Dada is hosting a few veterans of the Beijing rock scene button jamming down on their DJ decks. On the bill is White+ -- the one dude, the other dude, or both, I don't know -- playing music -- Neu! maybe? -- as well as members from Queen Sea Big Shark and Da Bang. Said members are going to be playing original electronic stuff that they've done.

No cover. Details here.



Satan is super stoked because one of his favorite metal bands of all time is coming to Beijing: Carcass. They're playing Yugong Yishan on October 9, headlining the 14th anniversary for hesher media kingpins, Painkiller.

Carcass, dude. Carcass.

That's all we need to say, eh? Shit's not cheap -- 300rmb pre-sale -- but we can personally guarantee that every last jiao of that is going to the cause of evil worldwide.

Click here to order.



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New Drinks: Jing A Taphouse

Local boys done good. Capital brewers Jing A open their first stand-alone tap house in 1949. Beer, sausages, and, of course, grilled cheese...

Morgan Short

SEP 19, 2014



Ramo-lama ding dong. I'm sorry. I got nothin'. Start over: new pizza-by-the-slice place opens up in Fanjia Hutong. Here's a look inside.


A random wander down some of Hong Kong's underground music and art backroads. An alternative HK visa trip fueled by coffee waves...

ART / SEP 16

Pre-gaming Design Week 2014, a chat with the Beijing-born artist about Chinese creatives returning home after being educated abroad...

(Sep 13)

RBMA pres. Just Blaze & Hudson Mohawke at Lantern

YEN 10th Anniversary

Dust off your vintage YEN attire, break out your dance moves and get ready to sweat the night away as YEN celebrates the big One Oh. Tickets break down as follows: 120rmb...

Soft Launch Weekend

[Update: Both the Friday and Saturday seatings for the dinners have sold out. You can still hit that for the after-drinks at 9pm though. No reservations required.] After a...
Jing A Taproom, Daily until Sep 20

Club 5f pres. Felix Cartal

From Steve Aoki’s label Dim Mak, Canadian DJ and producer Felix Cartal makes his China debut at 5F. Taste the goods. Music is that big tent EDM electro. Starts 10pm. 100rmb...
5.f, Sep 19

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Featured Nightlife


From the makers of LIV, Circle is a bottles-tables-models "lounge club" aimed squarely at your bank account. The focus is almost exclusively on table service, with phalanxes of wage-serfs catering to small fiefdoms of bottles, ice buckets, and glinting cellpho..

Featured Dining

Bao House

From popular and arty boutique hotel The Opposite House comes Beijing's first food truck concept. Traditional and modern takes on the popular Baozi and Mantou available...

"Cheap Chipotle in China"

jules on Lucky Lopez on Jun 14th

It's basically high-quality Chipotle in China, but cheaper. I spent 35 kuai on my lunch, and that's including 3 kuai for a water bottle. I think this is my new go to.

With our esteemed promotional partners, Enoterra, SmartBeijing is giving away a voucher valued at 230rmb, redemable at their bar/wine shop, for the best User Review every week. Go out, eat something, tell us something interesting about it, and the voucher's yours.

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Fulltime at Centdegres
Sep 4


  • YEN 10th Anniversary

    Beijing's biggest party crew turns ten in typically bombastic style. This time, the venue is the CFDC (Ex-Panasonic Factory) in 798 Art District.
  • Carcass

    Beijing metal mag Painkiller celebrates their 14th anniversary by bringing British extreme metal legends Carcass to Yugong Yishan.
  • The Legend of Kungfu

    The Legend of Kungfu -- A world famous production, the best Kungfu practitioners from all over China come to be a part of the Beijing show, a live theatrical Kungfu spectacular.
  • FUTURE 2014

    From the makers of the yearly Great Wall Festival, comes a multi-stage EDM experience closer to home: the FUTURE Festival 2014. Headlined by Dim Mak head honcho and perennial crowd pleaser Steve Aoki,
  • Metal Meeting feat. THERION

    Swedish symphonic / "operatic wizard" band (seriously) THERION plays Beijing. From death metal roots, over their 20 year career, this Swedeish metal powerhouse has become world famous for their progressive and operatic innovations in the genre.
  • Fritz Kalkbrenner

    Soulful house producer Fritz Kalkbrenner, hosted in town by The M. This time, he's dropping at lounge / club 5F.
  • JZ Festival Beijing

    Shanghai's largest international music festival, the JZ Festival, makes the trip up to Beijing with three world-class acts on three consecutive nights at Yugong.
  • Bang Gang

    Cool and whimsical pop rock outfit Bang Gang returns to Beijing. Formed in 1996 the band is recognized for its mix of electronica rhythms and glacial atmospheres, with a string of releases in the '00s.

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