A bit of a blast from the past, this one. Yellowcard! The Jacksonville pop punk / alt rock band, Yellowcard -- aka, "the violin band" -- is slated for a Beijing show on December 13 at Beijing Hit FM (Tango).

13-year-old you is stoked!

30-something-something me wants you the fuck off my lawn.

Nah, just jokes. All in good fun. Hang out on my lawn. Hang out, with your pick-scrapes, your skateboard olies, and your pop rock candy. Where were we?

Ah right, Yellowcard. Here's that hit from a while back, "Ocean Avenue". 11 million views, kee-rist. Here's their latest single, "One Bedroom", released just this year.

Early bird ticket are 248rmb. Pre-sale tickets are 280rmb. Door price is 380rmb.



Berlin electro house producer Boys Noize is returning to the PRC, dropping in to Circle on December 4. He's in town to kick off the Great Wall Festival hype, which is returning to a historical landmark near you in 2015. You know your bwoi Boyzzz Boizee -- "He's worked with everyone from Snoop Dogg to G-Dragon, and partnered with Skrillex for their Dog Blood project." Etc. Etc.

Want to go? Want us to bring you your pre-sale tickets right to your door? Click here to order online.

Pre-sales are 150rmb, just 4 U.



Beijing's most dedicated portal to covering live indie music in this city, LiveBeijingMusic.com is hosting a showcase concert of local bands this Saturday at XP. You should check that out. Looks ahhhh-ight. On the bill: psych rock band Gate to Otherside, post rockers Glow Curve, post punkers Streets Kill Strange Animals, and "electrified fairytale conjurers" CAssette. Four diverse bangs for your buck.

50 beans cover. This Saturday at XP.



If you're looking for a venue to work off your turkey after Thanksgiving Thursday night, Temple Bar is hosting two very decent Beijing bands for a Thanksgiving live rawk show: Luv Plastik and Nakoma. Music is that psychedelic garage shit and that math rock shit.

What's it got to do with Thanksgiving? Dunno, man. You can drink some beers, I guess? Smoke some cigarettes and get into arguments? Isn't that what Thanksgiving is all about?



Here's some browser fun to break up the hump day blues: Green Honey by Taipei-based html5 artiste Muyueh Lee. It's basically a click-and-scroll data visualization comparing linguistic representations of color in English and Chinese. As "data" it's pretty suspect, using Wikipedia as its only ostensible source to claim that the Chinese language has just north of 250 words for colors, while English has many more. As "visualization" it's real cool. The organizational logic flies over my head ("The Hue-Saturation-Lightness (HSL) model is a 3D model that can be projected on a 2D space. Using Hue as an angle, we can set either Saturation as the radius or Lightness as the radius"), but the end result is beautifully arranged and informative, pulling out the hidden nomenclatural logic behind hues I never even knew existed (雾玫瑰色 "fog rose shrub"; 腥紅 "fishy red") and ones I never even knew had made it this far East (International Klein Blue is 国际奇連藍 FYI, just in time for your next HSK test).

I don't know, I'm a sucker for things that move quickly and flash colorfully because I have severe, undiagnosed, self-inflicted ADHD. But it's cool to finally get straight talk about what the hell kind of visual phenomenon "青" describes. Check the whole thing for yourself here.

Bonus color fun: HAN PURPLE. "Han purple is an ancient pigment that wasn't reconstructed by modern chemists until 1992. After the chemists got done with it, it was the physicists' turn. Han purple, they found, eliminates an entire dimension." Straight up real alchemy. Happy Wednesday!



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[Mixtape]: Markus Homm

Deep and Tech House crew FOOTPRINT turns three this Friday at Lantern. Here's some preview music from their featured guest, Markus Homm.

A.F. Cruz

NOV 27, 2014



Etienne Nicolas of fringe-surfing Paris rock trio Cheveu breaks down the band's aesthetic ahead of their Thursday gig at Yugong...


A Chipotle off the ole block. Hhgkgjwag2*759 Taco opens for biz in Indigo Mall. Mexican food oooozin' with integrity.

ART / NOV 25

Surge brings the show to Indigo. Here's a photo tour of the Surge Art Installation series out past 798. Paintings, installations, video art...

(Nov 15)

PENG Label Party at The Bar at Migas

Italian Aperitivo

Snazzy art bar Entourage hosts an Italian Aperitivo event running 7pm to 10pm. 100rmb with reservations; 120rmb for walk-ups. Buffet spread with two glasses of wine.
Entourage, Nov 27

James Zabiela (Born Electric)

Decks and beatz Jedi James Zabiela rocking Club 5f. His recent stuff runs in the tech house vein, mixed with a bedrock appreciation for breakbeats. 150rmb cover. Starts 10pm.
5.f, Nov 27

Psychedelic and Math Rock Thanksgiving

This Thursday, two bands representing psychedelic and math rock will bring their chemistry to the Temple stage to prepare for you a special musical thanksgiving feast. Luv...
Temple, Nov 27

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Panda Brew

After bouncing around to a few different locations Beijing brewers Panda Brew opens up a mammoth new brew pub in Beixinqiao. Straight-ahead local brew inspired by an international selection of beers...

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The (New) Mosto

Nali patio staple Mosto reemerges with a brand new look, some new drinks, and a new food menu. Prices are more affordable; vibe more laid-back. For something a bit more lavish, try out the tasting menu. Welcome back, Mosto...

"Pricey but really tasty"

SamuelGreen on The Corner Melt on Nov 13th

I've been here a couple of times, having 2 different sandwiches and they're really tasty. The bread is toasted to perfection and the fillings are both inventive and delicious (I've had the Marshall Melt and the Midwest Melt). I was even skeptical about tomato soup for dipping but it worked! I have absolutely no qualms about recommending The Corner Melt for its food. My only issue is the price. Perhaps it's a comparative thing but I feel it's a bit gui for what you get. [..read on]

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Nov 25

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Oct 28

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Fulltime at New York Institute of Technology
Oct 28


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